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IWA exhibition

Toronto to host IWA’s 2024 World Water Congress & Exhibition

The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition is the global event for water professionals covering the full water cycle. As the Congress rotates through cities and countries, each event has an extra emphasis on issues of specific interest to the region.
Recollections – Pollution Control Association of Ontario

The evolution of water and wastewater associations

Many, many years ago, I attended my first OWWA conference and noticed that a significant number of attendees had also been at the WEAO conference. So, I asked, “why in Ontario were there two separate water and wastewater associations?” For the rest of Canada, associations included both water and wastewater members. Due to this year being the first time that OWWA and WEAO have held their conferences together, I was recently asked this same question at an association meeting. My impromptu answer, based on what I could remember was, “it’s complicated.”
Don River editorial by Steve Davey

Quiet flows the now not so dirty Don

It is heartwarming to know now that optimism about the future of the “dirty” Don River in 1970 was not in vain. For over a decade now, work has been done to reroute the Don, clean polluted soil, create new parks and flood-proof the area to unlock a swath of land, including the old Unilever plant site, for redevelopment.

What a year 2023 turned out to be!

In January, my wife and I were blessed with a second granddaughter, making us three-time grandparents. A wonderful time of our lives indeed, but one that we have found brings the return of protective paternal and maternal instincts. Myself, I experienced a new anxiety over the state of the global environment.
Navy Pier, Chicago

Looking forward to WEFTEC 2023 in Chicago!

Attending the Water Environment Federation’s annual WEFTEC event has been an important part of my career and professional development. This began in 1987, when we formally announced the launch of Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine. As I first found out in 1987, these events truly reveal the scale and importance of the wastewater sector, especially to young professionals.

Asset management and diversity, equity and inclusion go hand in hand

ES&E Magazine sat down with Toronto Water and CIMA+ to discuss how asset management is benefiting from, and supporting, Canada's water sector.
Tom Davey with grandsons Mark and Peter

ES&E Magazine celebrates 35 years of publishing

The year 2023 is indeed a milestone year. It marks Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine’s 35th birthday and 130 years of environmental journalism in Canada. It also marks the 40th anniversary of a research project I did to commemorate Water & Pollution Control Magazine’s (W&PC) 90th birthday in 1983.

Canada to welcome the global water treatment industry at ACE23 in Toronto

Toronto will host the 2023 America Water Works Association Conference and Expo on June 11 to 14, and while the association can be proud of its continued mission to advance the water industry and operations for both consumers and water companies, there’s still much to do, here and abroad, to improve water management, protection and even access.

In many ways televison can educate the public better than we can

As many involved in the wastewater industry have experienced, there is often a puzzled look from your audience when you describe the field you work in when social situations lead to discussions of occupation. If we get past the “ick” factor, I often get asked to elaborate on what exactly the wastewater industry is all about. Most people are fascinated to learn that the wastewater industry in Canada is well over 100 years old and is of vital importance in protecting public health, water quality and the overall environment.

Back to the future – turning municipal sludge into fuel

Editorial Comment By Steve Davey With the energy crunch the world is currently facing, I was pleasantly surprised to read an article by researchers from...

Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be meteorologists – Editorial Comment

The main debate now is whether or not humanity can halt or even rollback the damage caused by CO2 emitted through the burning of fossil fuels.
1987 Canadian icebreaker attendees

There are many great reasons to attend WEFTEC 2022 this fall

After a three-year hiatus, the Great Canadian Icebreaker is scheduled to be held at WEFTEC 2022. As I found out attending WEFTEC for the first time in 1987—the launch year for ES&E Magazine—these events truly reveal the scale and importance of the wastewater sector, especially to young professionals.

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