Products & Services Showcase – 36th Edition

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Asahi/America Chem Proline® Advanced PE Piping System

Asahi/America’s Chem Proline® Advanced PE Piping System

Asahi/America’s Chem Proline advanced polyethylene (PE) resin offers excellent physical and mechanical properties. These include stress crack, slow crack growth, ductility, impact, abrasion and brittleness resistance. Chem Proline offers a greater value over metal, FRP, lined steel, PVC, and CPVC. Available in ½” – 12″; larger sizes also available upon request.

Associated Engineering sustainability

Building Better Communities – Associated Engineering

Sustainability is part of every project we undertake and how we operate our business. That is why we have been a carbon neutral company since 2009. Our vision is to shape a better world for future generations by creating sustainable and resilient solutions. This is our commitment to building better communities.

BLUEline Legend Rotary Lobe Pump

BLUEline Legend Rotary Lobe Pump from Boerger

Boerger’s core product, the BLUEline Legend Rotary Lobe Pump, is a self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pump available in 21 models within six series delivering flow rates up to 7,000 gpm. This heavy-duty pump has dry run capabilities and is often used for loading and unloading by reversing the flow direction.

Chlorine Scale

Scales for 150-lb Chlorine Cylinders, Sulfur Dioxide Cylinders and Ammonia Cylinders

The Chlor-Scale 150™ from Force Flow provides a simple and reliable way to monitor the amount of chlorine or ammonia used, and the amount remaining in the cylinder. The solid PVC scale platform, with a 5-year warranty, provides the strongest defense against the corrosive environments associated with gas feed applications. Electronic and hydraulic options available.


Portable BOD/COD Field Meter

The portable BOD/COD Field Meter from Real Tech provides simple and affordable testing of organic matter in water or wastewater output as biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) or chemical oxygen demand (COD). Operation is straightforward with accurate and repeatable results obtained in seconds. An optional battery pack allows for sampling anywhere, anytime, giving the user true portability.

HRS Heat Exchangers

HRS Heat Exchangers

HRS produces a range of heat exchangers and systems for wastewater treatment, including evaporation and anaerobic digestion, for a range of operations from pasteurization to sludge concentration. In particular, we are known for our tubular and scraped surface heat exchangers which minimize fouling and maximize energy efficiency.

IPEX Vortex Flow™ Insert

Eliminate Odorous Emissions and Minimize Corrosion in Vertical Sewer Drops

The IPEX Vortex Flow™ Insert (VFI) is a revolutionary technology for eliminating odorous emissions and minimizing corrosion in vertical sewer drops. With no moving parts and requiring no maintenance, VFIs have delivered significant cost savings in installations for municipalities across North America.

Vissers VANE-MAG Mag-Drive Vane Pumps

VANE-MAG Mag-Drive Vane Pumps

Ideal for chemical metering and transfer, VANE-MAG pumps have several unique advantages over diaphragm, peristaltic, or centrifugal pumps: Capable of low flows at high pressures; complete range of materials of construction for any chemical; able to pump liquid/gas mixtures; perfect for sodium hypochlorite; magnetic drive = leak-free operation; low maintenance.