Products & Services Showcase – 49th Edition

ES&E Magazine would like to thank our advertisers and readers for their continued support. We encourage you to check out these highlighted products and services from our advertisers. Without them, we would not be able to share water, wastewater and environmental protection news, articles and case studies. Thank you for reading ES&E Magazine!

Harmsco NSF Certified Cartridge Filters

NSF Certified Cartridge Filters from Harmsco

Are you LT2 compliant? With our patented filtration technology, a smaller footprint, flow rates to 6,056 lpm, the world’s largest selection of NSF certified cartridge filters, and approved LT2 installations in Canadian provinces and territories, Harmsco can save you up to 20% in energy costs. Contact our sales team today!

IPEX TerraBrute® CR

TerraBrute® CR by IPEX

IPEX TerraBrute® CR is now available in an industry leading range of 4″ to 24″ sizes. Engineered for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and other trenchless applications, TerraBrute® CR is a 100% non-metallic, AWWA C900 PVC pressure pipe system. Non-corroding and installation friendly, TerraBrute® CR allows you to standardize on PVC throughout your potable water and sewer infrastructure.

J.J. Downs premium thermoplastic products

Premium Thermoplastic Products and Fabrication Services from J.J. Downs Industrial Plastics

Elevate waste and water treatment with JJD’s premium thermoplastic products and fabrication services. Our fluid handling solutions cover pipes, valves, fittings, and more. Benefit from our decades of experience and expertise. Plus, explore value-added services like chemical dosing skids and precision machining for tailored solutions.

Orival Low-Maintenance Water Filters

Low-Maintenance Water Filters

ORIVAL filters will protect your process, equipment or outfall from damage or inefficiencies due to suspended solids. ORIVAL filters are a good choice for onsite or discharge applications at municipal and industrial treatment facilities and for water reuse projects. Orival, Inc. provides a complete line of automatic self-cleaning water filters with single unit flows from 10 to 12,000 GPM specifically suited for well, pond or reuse water sources. The quick, automatic cleaning cycle is complete and efficient using <1% of total flow.

OZ Lifting Products

Innovative Lifting Solutions from OZ Lifting Products

Embrace innovation with OZ Lifting Products. OZ offers cutting-edge solutions for any lifting need, from spark-proof hoists to ultra-portable carbon fiber cranes. Their safety-first approach includes overload protection and rigorous testing, while top-notch customer service ensures you always have an expert in your corner. Elevate your lifting experience.

Vanton Pump & Equipment Vertical SUMP-GARD Thermoplastic Pumps

Vanton Pump & Equipment’s Vertical SUMP-GARD Thermoplastic Pumps

Vanton vertical thermoplastic sump pumps are engineered for the dependable handling of corrosive, abrasive, and ultra-pure process fluids, plant effluents, and wastewater over broad temperature and pH ranges. Available in polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, or PVDF, these rugged pumps are widely used across various manufacturing industries and water treatment facilities. Every Vanton pump is performance tested to the specified service condition intended.