Products & Services Showcase – 43rd Edition

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ACO Stormbrixx™

Robust Underground Stormwater Management System from ACO

ACO Stormbrixx™ is a robust underground stormwater management system designed to manage excess stormwater runoff on a developed site, often in an urban setting. Its versatility allows it to be used in applications across all construction environments as a standalone solution or as part of a Low Impact Development project.


Intrinsically Safe Warning Beacons

The battery operated Eflares are waterproof and intrinsically safe. The long lasting Eflares are suitable for emergency services, railways, transportation and construction sites. The Eflares provide a safe, non-toxic alternative to combustible road flares. Available in single/dual colours, flashing and steady on and sold individually or in kits. There are thousands of Eflares in use across Canada in a wide variety of industries.

CB Shield SWM Shield™

SWM Shield™ from CB Shield

SWM Shield™ is an effective way to manage pond clean-out costs – it doubles the time between full pond de-waterings. A quick visit from a vacuum truck keeps the pond functioning well. The SWM Shield is based on the same sediment capture principles as the popular CB Shield® device which transforms a regular catch basin into a water quality treatment device.

J22 Gas Analyzer

J22 TDLAS Gas Analyzer by Endress+Hauser: Proven technology for accurate and reliable measurement of H2O in natural gas

The J22 Gas Analyzer uses patented tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology to provide accurate measurement of H2O in natural gas. Featuring the reliable diagnostic capabilities of Heartbeat Technology, the J22 analyzer determines the concentration of a gas without coming into physical contact with streams.

SN Series THM Removal Systems

THM’s Got You Down?

SN Series In-Tank and In-Line Spray Aeration THM Removal Systems are proven to reduce THM levels in your distribution tanks or clearwells. Scalable for any size tank, they don’t require any major infrastructure changes and can be installed without taking the system offline. We also offer skid-mounted “in-line” systems to help you reach required THM levels anywhere in your system.

J.J. Downs chemical dosing skid

Solve Complex Applications with JJ Downs

JJD’s fabrication department, with decades of experience in thermoplastic and fluoropolymer fabrication, excels in solving complex applications. With in-house capabilities and technical expertise, we develop efficient, cost-effective systems tailored to your needs. We’ve been offering fluid handling products since 1970, including custom parts and complete chemical dosing skids.

REGENESIS in-situ PFAS groundwater treatment

Cost-effective In-situ Soil and Groundwater Remediation Products from REGENESIS

REGENESIS is an expert provider of cost-effective in-situ soil and groundwater remediation products. Offering the only patented, proven in-situ PFAS groundwater treatment at the lowest total cost-to-closure. REGENESIS leads the industry in effective groundwater and source treatment to eliminate PFAS compounds and other emerging contaminants.