Products & Services Showcase – 31st Edition

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NETZSCH PERIPRO™ Peristaltic Pumps

New PERIPRO™ Peristaltic Pumps from NETZSCH

New PERIPRO™ Peristaltic Pumps heavy duty construction is ideal for abrasive, corrosive, and viscous fluids. Superior multi-layered hose construction has precision ground diameters. Saves energy up to 30%. Uses 90% less lubricant when compared with shoe technology. Easy servicing. Lower lubrication level and failsafe drain protects hose. Leak detection design preserves pump components.

ORIVAL Water Filters

Water Filters from ORIVAL

Experience – That is what sets ORIVAL Water Filters apart from competitors. Thirty years under one ownership with long-term application engineers on staff make ORIVAL, Inc. your reliable provider of filtration products. ORIVAL, Inc. has hundreds of automatic self-cleaning screen filter models with a filter for nearly every application.

SPD Sales NivuFlow Mobile 550

Contactless Metering from Nivus

Nivus introduces contactless metering in partly-filled channels, the NivuFlow Mobile 550. Detect flow rate in water using CW-Doppler-Radar. Sophisticated power management and rechargeable batteries are perfectly suited for long-term measurements as well as continuous metering. Intuitive operation via mobile devices for quick and easy commissioning of the measurement system.

Vanton Chem-Gard CGM-ANSI

Vanton Chem-Gard Mag-Drive Pumps

Vanton Chem-Gard CGM-ANSI magnetically driven end suction pumps are sealless, single-stage process pumps which meet ANSI B73.1 specifications and conform to Hydraulic Institute Standards. All wet-end components are homogenous, injection-molded polypropylene (PP) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), eliminating metal-to-fluid contact making them ideally suited for handling corrosive, hazardous, and ultrapure fluids. Flows to 450 GPM, heads to 180 FT, and temperatures to 225°F

York Fluid Verderflex Ds500 Pumps

Verderflex Ds500 – Peristaltic Dosing/Metering Pump

The principal behind this technology is to improve accuracy and lower costs in terms of chemical usage, with minimal tool-free service. Simple tube cartridge and touchscreen panel. Ds500 handles viscous and abrasive liquids, is self-priming and extremely reliable. This pump is available in manual or remote control.