Products & Services Showcase – 37th Edition

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ACO Stormbrixx™

Stormbrixx™ underground stormwater management system from ACO

ACO Stormbrixx™ is a robust underground stormwater management system designed to manage excess stormwater runoff on a developed site, often in an urban setting. Its versatility allows it to be used in applications across all construction environments as a standalone solution or as part of a Low Impact Development project.

Blue-White CHEM-FEED® CFPS Skid Systems

CHEM-FEED® CFPS Skid Systems

CHEM-FEED Engineered Skid Systems arrive fully assembled with chemical dosing pump of choice, diaphragm or peristaltic. The drop-in-place design facilitates quick install and fast startup. Skid Systems are available in one, two, and three pump configurations. Skids may be ordered with the SONIC-PRO® Chemical Feed Flow Meter to provide accurate measurement of chemical feed.

CB Shield SWM Shield™

SWM Shield™ from CB Shield

SWM Shield™ is an effective way to manage pond clean-out costs – it doubles the time between full pond de-waterings. A quick visit from a vacuum truck keeps the pond functioning well. The SWM Shield is based on the same sediment capture principles as the popular CB Shield® device which transforms a regular catch basin into a water quality treatment device.

Endress+Hauser Smart Support

Smart Support by Endress+Hauser

Ensure dependable operation of your field devices with Smart Support by Endress+Hauser. Smart Support, the instrumentation support from Endress+Hauser, provides timely remote guidance on service operations, allowing you to increase your expertise, cut diagnostics, troubleshoot issues, save maintenance time and costs, and improve your process availability.

SN Series In-Tank and In-Line Spray Aeration THM Removal Systems

THMs Got You Down?

SN Series In-Tank and In-Line Spray Aeration THM Removal Systems are proven to reduce THM levels in your distribution tanks or clearwells. Scalable for any size tank, they don’t require any major infrastructure changes and can be installed without taking the system offline. We also offer skid-mounted ‘in-line’ systems help you reach required THM levels anywhere in your system.

PFOS/PFAS Removal System

PFOS/PFAS Removal System

Harmsco’s WaterGuard™ Water Filtration System provides a “Whole House” water purification device that combines multiple filtration technologies in one filtration unit. First level is a 5-micron sediment filter followed by Activated Carbon which will remove chlorine and PFOS/PFAS. Then the water enters a UV sterilization chamber that inactivates viruses, bacteria, cryptosporidium and giardia.

Water Filters

Low-Maintenance Water Filters

Whether organic or inorganic particles are your problem, ORIVAL filters will protect your process, equipment or outfall from damage or inefficiencies due to suspended solids. ORIVAL Filters are a good choice for onsite or discharge applications at municipal and industrial treatment facilities and have been selected time after time for water reuse projects. Orival, Inc. provides a complete line of automatic self-cleaning water filters with single unit flows from 10 to 12,000 GPM specifically suited for well, pond or reuse water sources. The 5-15 second, automatic cleaning cycle is complete and efficient using less than 1% of total flow.

Vanton Vertical Sump Pump

Vanton Pump & Equipment’s Cantilevered, Bearingless Vertical Sump Pump with Run-Dry Capability

Ideal for chemical metering and transfer, VANE-MAG pumps have several unique advantages over diaphragm, peristaltic, or centrifugal pumps: Capable of low flows at high pressures; complete range of materials of construction for any chemical; able to pump liquid/gas mixtures; perfect for sodium hypochlorite; magnetic drive = leak-free operation; low maintenance.