Products & Services Showcase – 6th Edition

ES&E Magazine would like to thank our advertisers and readers for their support during this challenging time. We encourage you to check out these highlighted products and services from our advertisers. Without them, we would not be able to share water, wastewater and environmental protection news, articles and case studies. Thank you for reading ES&E Magazine!


Graf Carat S Belowground Tank from BARR Plastics

The Carat S is a unique plastic tank line that is manufactured to consistent, tight tolerances resulting in a product that is of the highest quality, strength, reliability, and versatility. The Carat S tank line can be outfitted with packaged rainwater, potable water, and wastewater systems, and is easily installed before or after delivery to site.


Ultimate Chemical Feed Flowmeter from Blue-White Industries

The ProSeries-M® MS-6 Chemical Feed Flowmeter accurately measures output from your metering pumps to ensure proper dosing to critical water and wastewater treatment systems. The MS-6 has a patent pending design that provides a broad flow range of 10 to 5,000 ml/min (0.158-79.2 GPH); low pressure drop of less than 1 PSI.


Chemical Day Tank Scale from Force Flow

The CHEM-SCALE™ from Force Flow allows operators to accurately monitor chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, polymer and fluoride when stored and fed from day tanks. Systems prevent over and underfeed conditions, and enables the documentation of amount fed. Available with Century™ hydraulic dial, advanced multi-channel Wizard 4000™, and other indicators.


TILT Bioreactors from H2Flow

TILT provides Wastewater Treatment for Communities and Industries. Based on liquid shipping containers, TILT is a very low cost, extremely compact, reliable, robust package. Easily transportable anywhere—ships by rail, truck and cargo ship. Can be placed outdoors. New units ready in stock and we have rental and temporary units available for BOD removal and Nitrification. Available in MBBR and Aeration Tank versions.


HRS Heat Exchangers

HRS Heat Exchangers operates at the forefront of thermal technology, offering innovative and effective heat transfer products worldwide. Our heat exchangers and systems are designed to maximise energy efficiency and reduce waste, from heating and cooling to complete turnkey systems for pasteurisation and evaporation of food waste streams.


RTS Plastics storage tanks

RTS Plastics is recognized as a leader in plastic tank manufacturing and the distribution of storage tanks for industrial and agricultural markets. We have a wide variety of fiberglass tanks, polyethylene tanks (poly tanks) and double wall tanks, as well as the option of custom fabrication.


Assmann Tanks from SPD Sales

Assmann Tanks include FDO (Full Drain Outlet) assembly. This provides the ability to fully drain your tank without the need for mechanically installed nozzles. FDO can be utilized where heavy solids or salts can accumulate in the bottom of the tank virtually eliminating the need for confined space entry.


NivuFlow Mobile 550 Flow Metering from SPD Sales

NIVUS introduces contactless metering in part-filled channels, the NivuFlow Mobile 550. Detect flow rate in water by using CW-Doppler-Radar. Sophisticated power management and rechargeable batteries is perfectly suited for long-term measurements as well as for continuous metering. Intuitive operation via mobile devices quick and easy commissioning of the measurement system.


VEGA: Radar is the better ultrasonic

VEGA’s newest 80 GHz radar level sensors use precision focusing to deliver reliable measurements regardless of internal obstructions, changing temperatures, condensation, or dust. The VEGAPULS 31 comes with an easy-to-read display, and adjustments are made easy with a smartphone or tablet and a Bluetooth connection.