Products & Services Showcase – 9th Edition

ES&E Magazine would like to thank our advertisers and readers for their support during this challenging time. We encourage you to check out these highlighted products and services from our advertisers. Without them, we would not be able to share water, wastewater and environmental protection news, articles and case studies. Thank you for reading ES&E Magazine!

ACO Oleopator P Oil-Water separator

High efficiency oil/water separator

ACO Oleopator P Oil-Water separator is the perfect equipment for any type of garage or vehicle service facility to ensure compliance with municipal sewer discharge requirements. It can treat high flows in a compact tank resulting in lower supply and install costs and achieve under 5ppm oils in effluent water.

Graf Carat S Belowground Tank

Graf Carat S Belowground Tank

The Carat S is a unique plastic tank line that is manufactured to consistent, tight tolerances resulting in a product that is of the highest quality, strength, reliability, and versatility. The Carat S tank line can be outfitted with packaged rainwater, potable water, and wastewater systems, and is easily installed before or after delivery to site.

FLEXFLO® M3 Peristaltic Dosing Pump by Blue-White

FLEXFLO® M3 Peristaltic Dosing Pump

FLEXFLO® M3 dosing pumps deliver precise amounts of chemical into critical water and wastewater treatment applications. Feeds range from .0002 to 35.19 GPH / .0007 to 133.2 LPH. Pressures to 125 PSI / 8.6 Bar. M3 is equipped with exclusive Flex-A-Prene® tubing, which delivers up to 4X longer tube life.

Chemline’s ECTFE Piping Systems

ECTFE Piping Systems for Sodium Hypochlorite

ECTFE is our proven, long term rigid piping system solution for sodium hypochlorite applications in sewage and water treatment plants. ECTFE withstands oxidizing chemicals where other plastics fail. We offer single wall and dual containment systems, fusion machines and TSSA approved training resulting in leak-free service and long term value.


Saving Energy = Saving Money with State-of-the-Art IQ-Series Blower Packages

Significantly reduce your energy bills with the IQ series blower packages from CompreVac Inc. This high-performance package delivers maximum capacities and high-pressure capabilities with minimum energy consumption. In addition to its efficient performance, these packages provide simplified maintenance features and quiet operation. CompreVac Inc. is a one stop solution for all your needs of Positive Displacement Blowers.

Forterra pipe and precast products

Pipe and Precast Products from Forterra

Forterra is a leading manufacturer of pipe and precast products. Our products improve quality of life, provide sustainable infrastructure and help communities grow and thrive. A specialized technical sales force, including engineers and field representatives, delivers a high degree of customer service and tailored solutions. Forterra delivers industry-leading service, quality, innovation and commitment. Our mission is to build the longest lasting infrastructure for our communities’ today and tomorrow.

Greatario GridBee© SN Series In-Tank Aeration system

GridBee© SN Series In-Tank Aeration system

The GridBee© SN Series In-Tank Aeration system can reduce or eliminate harmful THMs and VOCs in tanks, reservoirs and clearwells. It can be installed while your tank remains in service, through a 24-inch opening and without major infrastructure changes. They are designed for long life, clog-free operation with minimal maintenance.

ICCC PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape

Petrolatum-Based PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tapes and Primer

Interprovincial Corrosion Control Company is pleased to re-introduce the superior Petrolatum-Based PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tapes and Primer. PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape consists of a non-woven, stitch bonded, synthetic fabric which has been fully impregnated with neutral petrolatum-based compounds and inert fillers, is moisture-resistant, and requires no maintenance.