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Alberta wastewater innovation and energy use projects highlighted through new pilot funding

Seven Alberta communities will soon be receiving money through the Green Municipal Fund to improve water and wastewater services that range from new lagoon...

Alberta’s flood-mitigating reservoir moves closer to approval

Alberta’s $423-million Springbank off-stream reservoir flood mitigation project has been approved by the federal Minister of the Environment, following a greenlight as the first...

New Natural Infrastructure Fund will offer cities $20M for green projects

A new $200-million Natural Infrastructure Fund is set to invest in large-scale projects that use natural or hybrid approaches to protect the environment. As part...

Major water, wastewater upgrades set for Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan communities

First Nations residents in Nova Scotia’s Inverness County, as well as several Saskatchewan communities, will soon benefit from substantial water and wastewater infrastructure funding...

New funding means sewer upgrades planned for southeast Labrador

A series of wastewater upgrades continue in southeast Labrador, where the federal government has recently allocated more than $1.5 million for modern water infrastructure. In...

Canada’s budget boosts infrastructure to combat pandemic’s economic fallout

While infrastructure is not the defining centrepiece of Canada’s 2021 federal budget, spending on items like Canada’s first-ever National Infrastructure Assessment, women in engineering,...

ECO Canada releases report on financial compensation of environmental workers

According to ECO Canada’s latest labour market outlook, employers will need to hire approximately 172,700 new environmental workers by 2025 due to sector growth and retirement. This represents nearly 25% of 2020 environmental employment levels (about 620,100). Around 74,400 of these will be new green jobs resulting from sector growth.

Accelerating digital transformation in the water industry to improve efficiency

Tech-savvy water utility managers understand that centralizing operational data into one unified system can help achieve both goals, while boosting efficiency and improving long-term asset performance.

Florida cyberattack raises public awareness of threats to water plants

As utilities increasingly take advantage of the automation available through modern SCADA technology, they will also need to upgrade their cybersecurity measures to protect their more technologically-advanced systems.

Ottawa’s Zibi waterfront development planning carbon-neutral energy system

The federal government is giving $23 million to Hydro Ottawa to create a district energy system for Ottawa–Gatineau’s planned carbon-neutral waterfront development dubbed Zibi. The...

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