Products & Services Showcase – 23rd Edition

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Blue-White Chemical Dosing Pump

Standardizing On One Chemical Dosing Pump

Wastewater treatment is technology-driven and heavily regulated, that doesn’t mean every aspect needs to be complicated or costly. For wastewater plants requiring metering pumps to dose treatment chemicals for processes such as disinfection, filtration, clarification, coagulation and flocculation, Blue-White offers a solution which allows operators to standardize operations on one chemical feed solution.

BLUEline NOVA Rotary Lobe Pump by Boerger

Rotary Lobe Pump from Boerger

The Nova is the newest generation of our BLUEline rotary lobe pump. The rotors and the casing were created together to form a perfect partnership, and it shows. The result is a volumetric efficiency that has never been achieved before—and that’s not all! What’s most exciting is that smooth pumping is maintained even at high pressures.

CB Shield® catch basin

Stormwater Catch Basin from CB Shield

A CB Shield® turns a regular street catch basin into a reliable stormwater quality treatment device. Existing streets can be retrofitted in minutes without disturbance, providing immediate and effective sediment and phosphorus control. Maintenance is provided by existing programs. ETV Verification ensures your approvals, backed up by many field studies.

Flottweg Xelletor

Changing the Way You Look at Separation – The Flottweg Xelletor Series

The Flottweg Xelletor series has raised the bar for mechanical separation to an entirely new level. Sewage sludge dewatering can get expensive, so the savings potential for sewage treatment plant operators is immense. The formula is simple. Dryer sludge equals less sludge. Less sludge equals lower disposal costs.

Greatario Spray Aeration

Spray Aeration from Greatario

Spray aeration, along with active mixing, is an effective method to strip THMs from your clearwell or distribution tanks. As drinking water standards become more stringent, operators need effective methods to maintain water quality. Greatario can help our customers across Canada with solutions from Ixom Watercare.

IPEX Enviro-Tite® PVC Pipe

PVC Pipe from IPEX

Enviro-Tite® SDR 35 and 28 PVC Pipe (PSM) is manufactured with a minimum recycled material content of 50%. This system provides advanced protection from cracking, leaking, and corrosion that can compromise the integrity of municipal sewer systems. It is produced from an innovative co-extrusion process, that allows for the use of reprocessed PVC while increasing product performance, making it one of the most environmentally friendly sewer pipes available.

Vissers VANE-MAG Mag-Drive Vane Pumps

VANE-MAG Mag-Drive Vane Pumps

Ideal for chemical metering and transfer, VANE-MAG pumps have several unique advantages over diaphragm, peristaltic, or centrifugal pumps: Capable of low flows at high pressures; complete range of materials of construction for any chemical; able to pump liquid/gas mixtures; perfect for sodium hypochlorite; magnetic drive = leak-free operation; low maintenance.