Products & Services Showcase – 40th Edition

ES&E Magazine would like to thank our advertisers and readers for their continued support. We encourage you to check out these highlighted products and services from our advertisers. Without them, we would not be able to share water, wastewater and environmental protection news, articles and case studies. Thank you for reading ES&E Magazine!

Barr Plastics Platin tank

Stormwater Management from BARR Plastics

The Platin tank features a low-profile design for below-ground rainwater harvesting. Minimizing the installation depth makes for faster installation and reduces excavation costs. Its rugged design and lightweight material ensure easy handling.

Blue-White CO2 Feed System

Blue-White’s New CO2 Feed System

The CO2 Feed System is a safe and effective way to adjust pH and minimize risk associated with dangerous mineral acids. The 0 – 100% scaled flowmeter has an integral adjustment needle valve for increased accuracy. Additional benefits include: NEMA 4X enclosure, illuminated on/off switch, a flow setpoint indicator, stainless steel solenoid valve, simple push-tight tubing connectors, affordable and reliable, simple to use and adjust.

Force Flow Chemical Monitor

Chemical Monitor from Force Flow

The Wizard 4000™ advanced multi-channel indicator monitors any chemical in your treatment plant. Using our scales or ultrasonic sensors with your tanks and cylinders, the Wizard will display amount remaining, amount used, daily used, feed rate, days until empty and other critical data.

Halogen Valve Systems Chlorine Emergency Shutoff

Chlorine Emergency Shutoff from Halogen Valve Systems

Stop a chlorine leak within seconds of detection. The actuator quickly mounts to valves without the use of any tools, and still allows the valve to be manually opened or closed.

IPEX TerraBrute®

TerraBrute® CR AWWA C900 PVC Pressure Pipe System from IPEX

IPEX has launched five new TerraBrute® CR sizes, including an industry leading 24″ pipe. Engineered for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and other trenchless applications, TerraBrute® CR is a 100% non-metallic, AWWA C900 PVC pressure pipe system. Non-corroding and installation friendly, TerraBrute® CR allows you to standardize on PVC throughout your potable water and sewer infrastructure.

Metercor water, gas metering, automation

Water and Gas Metering, Automation (AMR/AMI) from Metercor

Metercor Inc., specializes in delivering solutions that create operational efficiencies and increased customer satisfaction. With a successful record in water and gas metering, automation (AMR/AMI), Metercor, along with Kamstrup metering, continues to meet the needs of our customers in the utilities sector year after year.

Rinker Jellyfish

Jellyfish – A Stormwater Quality Treatment Technology

Jellyfish – A stormwater quality treatment technology featuring pre-treatment and filtration in a stand-alone system. Jellyfish removes trash, TSS, silt-sized particles, and particulate-bound pollutants; including phosphorus and hydrocarbons. Environmental Technology Verified (ETV).