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Vancouver firm using electrochemical oxidation to destroy PFAS, WEF begins pyrolysis study

As Vancouver-based Axine Water Technologies reports some success in destroying per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) compounds in water and wastewater through electrochemical oxidation, the U.S.-based...

Penn State studies environmental effects of COVID-19 meds persisting in wastewater

A team of U.S. researchers has determined that a number of COVID-19-related treatment medications do persist in wastewater, but say more work needs to...

Quebec wants private sanitary sewer systems designed with climate resilience

Quebec has launched a review of its draft design standard for new sanitary sewer systems to be built with greater resistance to extreme weather...

International water companies partner to make wastewater treatment greener

Three major water utility companies in Denmark, Australia and the U.K. are partnering to create a new generation of sustainable wastewater management for customers,...
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Two B.C. towns upgrade WWTPs to protect aquatic life

As British Columbia’s Ahousaht First Nation celebrates the completion of their new wastewater treatment plant, the province’s Maliview Wastewater Treatment Plant three-phase upgrade project...

York Region wins award for sewage upgrades with microtunnelling technology

Ontario’s York Region is celebrating a new award that recognizes the innovative microtunnelling technology used for its Sewage System Forcemain Twinning Project. The Peter J....

ULethbridge to study Frank Lake wetland’s ability to handle wastewater effluent

To better understand the elements of how wetlands help to treat wastewater, University of Lethbridge researchers have been given $1.5 million to study Alberta’s...

Manitoba invests millions in wastewater upgrades

Manitoba has announced more than $34.4 million in funding, primarily for a series of wastewater management projects. The largest of the upgrades consists of $9.1...

Report applauds wastewater surveillance, calls for more frameworks in future

A new report from the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) makes a series of recommendations based on expert analysis and lessons learned from wastewater...

AECOM set to design biosolids upgrades for Bradford WPCP in Ontario

The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario’s second-fastest growing municipality, has hired infrastructure consulting firm AECOM as the design partner for a three-phase biosolids...

Yukon University takes on federal First Nations water operator training

Yukon University has agreed to deliver the classroom and certification portions of Indigenous Services Canada’s (ISC) Circuit Rider Training Program (CRTP) for First Nations...

Water infrastructure spending, construction on the rise, says StatCan

New Statistics Canada data for 2020 shows that capital expenditures and the pace of construction for water infrastructure has accelerated in recent years. According to...
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Modern waste streams require versatile higher solids handling pump solutions

In recent years, wastewater professionals have witnessed unprecedented growth in flushable wipes being deposited and accumulating in the waste stream. The evolving waste stream is increasing the need for robust solids handling pump technologies that will not clog frequently and are able to withstand higher solids in the media.
ClariPhos UVT Chart

Using a phosphorus coagulant can improve wastewater UV disinfection performance

After switching to ClariPhos™ rare earth coagulant to evaluate its ability to improve phosphorus removal, operators at an Ontario WWTP noticed that UV disinfection also experienced a big boost. It turns out that better settling in the clarifier led to higher UV transmittance in the effluent, and a significant improvement in UV disinfection.
Chart of GHG emissions from delivery of services

The inconvenient truth of nitrous oxide emissions from wastewater treatment

GHG emissions due to water and wastewater services are noted to be a relatively small portion of national inventories. However, from the perspective of a municipal corporation, GHG emissions due to water and wastewater services are much more significant.
Foggy, the City of London’s public education mascot

What’s up with wipes? An update on flushability standards

Municipal wastewater utilities have always dealt with grease and feminine hygiene products, and tried their best to educate customers to only flush the 3Ps – pee, poop and paper (toilet paper). We would get the odd clog, but we were doing “fairly” well, until the introduction of wipes.
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Water should not be judged by its history, but by its quality

The two primary methods of supplying recycled water from wastewater treatment for drinking water reuse are indirect potable reuse and direct potable reuse.
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Calgary gas producer fined for acidic release during failed transfer

Calgary-based natural gas processing company Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure Ltd. has been fined $100,200 by the Alberta Energy Regulator for an acidic water release...

Wastewater pump fails, leads to release into Halifax Harbour

Halifax Water has finalized repairs to an emergency pump failure in the wastewater system that resulted in a combination of wastewater and stormwater flowing...

Stantec leads project management on major Iona Island WWTP upgrades in BC

The $9.9-billion Iona Island wastewater treatment plant upgrade projects mark the largest capital program ever undertaken by Metro Vancouver.

Digester, heating upgrades project completed at Saskatoon WWTP

Three years and $48.2 million have been invested in digester and heating upgrades at Saskatoon’s wastewater treatment plant, which have now been completed ahead...

Quebec mining firm fined $15M for Fisheries Act violations

Quebec-based iron ore mining company ArcelorMittal Canada Inc. has been fined nearly $15 million for 93 offences related to concealing the extent of toxic...
Aerial view of the Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant

Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant to install additional biosolids incinerators

Two high-temperature fluidized bed biosolids incinerators with steam and energy recovery systems will be installed at the Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant in...

Whitehorse investing $5M in 18 water, wastewater upgrade projects

The City of Whitehorse is investing $5.1 million in 18 water and wastewater projects that include new watermains, improvements to the storm sewer drainage...
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Wet wipe shore pollution keeps harmful bacteria alive, study finds

Bacteria such as E. coli and intestinal enterococci can survive long enough on sewage-associated plastic waste like wet wipes and cotton swabs to pose...

Waterloo woman wins award for ‘green chemistry’ dye that cuts textile water pollution

A woman from Waterloo, Ontario, has won an environmental entrepreneur award for an all-natural dyeing innovation that may help the textile industry cut its...

Alberta and Ontario municipalities approve major WWTP upgrades

Major wastewater upgrade projects are set to unfold in the municipalities of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, and Petawawa, Ontario, after the local governments reached agreements over...
Wellington water roof photo

Fergus, ON completes new steel roof for WWTP secondary digester

Ontario’s Centre Wellington Township has removed and replaced the 30-year-old roof of the Fergus Wastewater Treatment Plant’s secondary digester for biosolids, which had been...

Monitoring nitrous oxide is an important step towards climate-neutral wastewater treatment

Nitrous oxide has a high global warming potential and is produced in biological wastewater treatment as a byproduct of nitrification and denitrification.

Sarnia uses microtunnelling for new trunk sewer pipeline

Phase 3 of the City of Sarnia's Bedford Pumping Station Replacement specified microtunnelling installation for a new sanitary trunk sewer.

A new option for foot-print constrained wastewater treatment plants

The Salmon Arm Water Pollution Control Centre in British Columbia is piloting Aerobic Granular Sludge technology (AGS) in partnership with WSP.

Controlling odour from wastewater lift stations with oxygen and ozone

There are technologies that can break up a grease cap and/or remove hydrogen sulfide gas in the air space of wastewater lift stations.

An overview of thermoplastic valves and their performance

Thermoplastic valves offer a dependable and economical way to handle corrosive chemicals in some of the harshest environments.

Replacing solar drying beds reduces time and labour costs for sludge dewatering

The Municipality of Clare, Nova Scotia, realized faster sludge dewatering times and dramatic savings in time and costs after replacing sand drying beds with...
Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant

Calgary commissions 5 MW biogas cogeneration facility

Calgary’s Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant will soon be using all of its biogas as the primary fuel source to meet its electrical power and steam needs.

BEAST system ‘shocking’ wastewater in remote Canadian communities

For tiny, remote communities unable to have a full-scale wastewater treatment plant, or that are located in frigid climates that make sewage lagoons unfeasible,...

Vancouver hires firms to design new infrastructure plan for sewer, rainwater

Engineering consultant company Brown and Caldwell has been engaged to develop a sewage and rainwater management plan for the City of Vancouver. The two-part plan,...

BC’s Squamish WWTP set for new secondary clarifier during $10M upgrade

British Columbia’s near-capacity Squamish Wastewater Treatment Plant is getting a $10-million overhaul that includes a new secondary clarifier and concentric ring bioreactor, as well...

Researchers see sustainable alternative in extracting ammonia from wastewater

A new study led by Rice University researchers has taken steps toward producing fertilizer in a more sustainable way through the electrochemical conversion of...

Quebec researchers look to alter wastewater testing for endocrine disruptors

A pair of researchers at Quebec’s Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) are developing a new effluent analysis tool to track and understand...

McGill researchers call for action on urban runoff impacts

New research from McGill University suggests that urban runoff’s toxicity for aquatic organisms may be underestimated and unmonitored, as detergents, pesticides, heavy metals, and...

Ontario extends funding for COVID-19 wastewater surveillance in Guelph

As subvariants of COVID-19 persist, the Ontario government has extended funding for the University of Guelph’s wastewater community surveillance program to keep tabs on...

Feds to fund creation of Canada Water Agency and Atlantic First Nations Water Authority

The federal government has earmarked funding to create a Canada Water Agency that will centralize work with communities on freshwater issues, as well as...

Manitoba mining company fined again for releasing radioactive material into lake

A Manitoba mining company has been fined a second time for depositing radioactive effluent into the fish-bearing waters of Bucko Lake, according to a...

Cleaning industrial wastewater collection systems requires specialized equipment

The task of industrial pipe cleaning typically falls to third party cleaning companies, who come to facilities with a vacuum truck and perform the work periodically, unless emergency debris removal is required. Industrial plants cannot afford production downtime, so contractors rely on high-performance nozzles to get the job done quickly and reliably. Using the right nozzle and technique can be the difference between cleaning out a pipe within 20 minutes or having it take hours, days, or even fail completely.

Choosing the right heat exchanger for wastewater applications

The challenging nature of wastewater and sludge, such as its high viscosity and high fouling potential, means that it is important to choose the right type of heat exchanger to reduce costs, maximize energy efficiency, and maintain heat exchanger operational performance.

Using an early oil spill influent warning system can prevent WWTP fouling

Although treatment plants are meant to handle all sorts of wastewater, incoming oil contamination still poses a considerable threat to a facility’s operations. These oil spill incidents can occur any time and without warning. If not handled properly, they can lead to contaminated wastewater flowing into natural environments.

Optimizing wastewater utility operations, asset management with custom applications

When a large, privately-owned sewer utility company wanted to improve service for their 16,500+ customers, they realized that digitizing their business processes would be the key to increasing efficiency and maximizing asset life cycles.
Blue-White A4 Peristaltic pump

Pumping long chain polymers in wastewater applications without damaging them

Flocculant and coagulation polymers are used in the removal of solid particles. Flocculants separate solid content in the wastewater from the liquid content. A coagulant combines small particles to form larger chain particles. These polymers change the charge of the particles, so that they will combine rather than repel other particles.
Scum layer gone in wastewater lagoon

Alberta hamlet conducts bioaugmentation optimization study for wastewater lagoons

Treating a lagoon with Waste Go bioaugmentation can restore its health, mitigate costs, and postpone dredging for lengthy periods of time. However, eventually, even the healthiest of wastewater lagoons will require dredging as their capacity for biodegraded sludge will be reached. Sludge that has been properly treated with Waste Go will meet or exceed all environmental standards, thus making it readily available for disposal without further treatment or penalties, saving the treatment facility substantial costs.

Mushroom farms fined $650K for polluting BC creeks

Two British Columbia mushroom farms with a history of contraventions have been fined for piping waste effluent into fish-bearing waters, after ignoring multiple warnings...

Fired contractor for North Shore WWTP sues Metro Vancouver over ‘impossible’ project

Spain-based contractor Acciona — fired from the North Shore Wastewater Treatment project in January — is now suing Metro Vancouver for nearly $300 million...

PEI dairy farm fined for hose rupture that killed trout

The federal government has fined a Prince Edward Island-based dairy farm that failed to properly install and inspect a liquid manure hose that ruptured...

Metro Vancouver finds new contractor for delayed North Shore WWTP

After terminating its contract with Acciona Wastewater Solutions LP last fall, following the stalled construction of the North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant, Metro Vancouver...

Quebec funded for eight green, wastewater, sustainability upgrades

The federal government is investing $12.6 million through the Green Municipal Fund to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste while improving the quality...

New funding upgrades WWTPs in three Saskatchewan communities

Three Saskatchewan municipalities are upgrading wastewater infrastructure with a combined investment of more than $2.1 million through the federal Green Municipal Fund (GMF). The investments,...

Canada opens new funding for recruitment of First Nations water operators

The federal government has launched a call for proposals that will provide up to $500,000 per project that addresses the retention, recruitment and availability...

Longueuil, Quebec strives towards better water future with new projects

Despite recent challenges with sewage overflows, the Quebec city of Longueuil has two significant projects in the works that officials hope will change the...

Winnipeg weighs push for diverse workforce on massive sewage plant upgrade

The City of Winnipeg is considering signaling to bidders that it wants to see Indigenous workers and other under-represented groups as a key part...

EPA unveils cybersecurity action plan for water utilities

As the U.S. formulates a national plan to increase the resilience of its critical infrastructure against cyberattacks, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has laid...

Helping Canadian water firms reach new markets and succeed abroad

By the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service and Global Affairs Canada Canada is a key player when it comes to clean technology and climate solutions, and...

Havelock WWTP uses biological larvicide to control midge flies

By Catherine Flannery Midge flies commonly occur in wastewater treatment plants and pond systems. Managing them can be challenging, but a local Ontario Clean Water...
Membrane biofilm reactors

Treatment option inventory will help remote, Indigenous communities improve effluent quality

Many small, remote and Indigenous communities face challenges to meet established treated wastewater effluent quality standards. These communities require significant support to implement or upgrade their wastewater treatment systems to improve their wastewater effluent quality.
rotary lobe pumps

Rotary lobe pumps help solve difficult biosolids pumping application requirements

Operations staff at one wastewater treatment plant were initially using a reciprocating pump to move raw sludge and biosolids from primary clarifiers to the anaerobic digesters. The percentage of solids was approximately 4% by volume and, in some cases, could get as high as 6% by volume. Due to the lack of a screen, the size of the solids could not be controlled, which often caused the pump to jam.
Radar level sensor and ultrasonic transmitter installed

Open channel flow radar measurements keep working, even when temperature drops

Most instrumentation struggles to properly monitor or control outdoor processes when temperatures drop to extreme cold conditions. Open channel flow measurements at wastewater treatment plants are no exception.
Wayburn, Sask. wastewater lagoon sludge

Weyburn, Sask. implements automated bioaugmentation tech to reduces lagoon sludge

Seeking solutions to effectively remove its wastewater treatment lagoon sludge and reduce the associated costs, the City of Weyburn, Saskatchewan opted to implement a new automated bioaugmentation service.

Ontario launches storm, wastewater consultation with new $25M boost for reporting, infrastructure

Ontario is investing $15 million to help 18 municipalities optimize stormwater and wastewater infrastructure, plus another $10 million to upgrade sewage monitoring and public...

UWaterloo study says wetlands provide water filtration services worth billions

A new study from the University of Waterloo uses economic valuation to illustrate the importance of water filtration in Southern Ontario’s wetlands, estimating that...

Inventory of treatment options will help remote and Indigenous communities improve effluent quality

Many small, remote and Indigenous communities face challenges to meet established treated wastewater effluent quality standards.

Wastewater data filling void as Canada’s PCR tests decline for COVID-19

While many Canadians continue to check daily case counts for COVID-19, some experts suggest that keeping tighter tabs on wastewater surveillance trends could paint...

Saint John Water operations manager named Silent Hero by ACWWA

The Atlantic Canada Water Works Association (ACWWA) has given its 2021 Silent Hero Award to an operations manager with Saint John Water for his...
Brantford wastewater treatment plant

Brantford WWTP earns perfect score in Grand River program

The Ontario City of Brantford earned a perfect score at a recent workshop because the effluent from its wastewater treatment system was consistently meeting...
Sentry wastewater technology image

Canada invests in PEI wastewater tech for microbial health

A Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) investment of $1.9 million in Charlottetown-based SENTRY Water Monitoring will help the company enhance its bioelectrode sensors that...
washing machine filter

Washing machine filters proving effective in reducing microfibre pollution, study shows

Wastewater treatment plants are not designed to catch and dispose of microfibre pollution, but a new collaboration is exploring the use of washing machine...

Kelowna water workers help bring wastewater system online in flood-ravaged Merritt

As the City of Merritt remains under yet another flood watch, emergency repairs to the flooded wastewater treatment plant have allowed some evacuated residents...

Regina’s polluted Wascana Creek showing signs of recovery after WWTP upgrades

After Regina’s Wascana Creek was found to be one of the most polluted streams in Canada, the city spent $175 million on wastewater treatment...
Greenway wastewater treatment plant tour

The passion to save our water ecosystems can positively impact those around us

An Ontario student shares her story on becoming environmentally aware and learning to appreciate our water ecosystems and wastewater infrastructure.
sewer cleaning chain cutter demo picture

Using a camera nozzle and chain cutter to efficiently handle blocked sewers

The skillful use of high-powered nozzles with forward penetrating jets can sometimes dislodge partial obstructions in smaller sewer pipes.
Dauphin wastewater pilot building

Dauphin meets its cold weather ammonia level requirements using a new technology

During the winter months, the City of Dauphin, Manitoba's wastewater treatment lagoon is typically covered in a thick layer of ice. That posed a problem, as extremely low lagoon temperatures affect ammonia levels, which are regulated, when effluent is released into the Vermillion River

Using air-operated double-diaphragm pumps to optimize filter press operation

For those looking to optimize their filter-press operations, no matter the industry or product, air-operated double-diaphragm pumps offer a number of operational advantages.

Using augmented reality tools to inspect wastewater plants

Due to pandemic-related travel restrictions, Veolia North America was not able to provide on-site support for a wastewater plant condition assessment project. The evaluation required the use of specialized tools and on-site staff were not familiar with the operation of these tools. The team ultimately decided to use an augmented reality tool to remotely conduct the evaluation of the condition of the equipment at the plant.
MultiSmart controller panel

Small town chooses prefabricated wastewater lift stations

The town of Herbert hired Stantec Consulting to identify the best replacement solution for its two aging wastewater lift stations. However, the town no longer had the design parameters for the existing stations, which originally went online sometime in the late 20th century.

Tragic week of flooding causes havoc in BC, Merritt WWTP fails

Over the course of just more than a week, several British Columbia communities have been ravaged by more than a month’s worth of rainfall,...

SAIT unveils $1M water, wastewater learning lab in Alberta

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) has unveiled a new $1-million water and wastewater treatment lab with state-of-the-art equipment scaled down for student...

World’s largest wastewater energy transfer project underway for Toronto hospital

With a major investment now secured through the Canada Infrastructure Bank, approximately 90% of heating and cooling requirements for the Toronto Western Hospital will...

Canadian researchers enhancing wetland microbes to clean oilsands wastewater

A Canada-wide team of researchers is looking to harness the power of ecosystem services in the natural environment to clean up process-affected water from...

Dalhousie wastewater testing device gains international interest for low cost

Researchers at Halifax’s Dalhousie University have developed a remarkably inexpensive 3D-printed device for wastewater analysis that is gaining traction as a way to mainstream...

North Shore WWTP builder silent on news of layoffs around delayed build in Metro...

Metro Vancouver officials say the construction company building the new North Shore WWTP has laid off a significant amount of staff and halted the project.

Saskatoon wastewater surveillance measures drugs, chemicals, dyes in WWTP and river

A research partnership between the University of Saskatchewan and the City of Saskatoon has identified recreational drugs and industrial chemicals in both Saskatoon’s Wastewater...
tailings map

UWaterloo researchers map worldwide mining disasters as a new tool

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have used historical satellite imagery to map a database showing 63 tailings flow incidents that have occurred worldwide...
BioCord system

Improving ammonia removal at a petrochemical plant’s lagoon

A petrochemical manufacturing plant in Western Canada was experiencing difficulty in meeting the required ammonia discharge limit from its on-site wastewater lagoon system during cold-weather conditions.
Combined sewer overflow discharges

The detrimental effects of combined sewer overflows and COVID-19

Researchers have found that even low levels of RNA from COVID-19, and other coronaviruses, can be detected in raw sewage before full-fledged outbreaks occur, thus allowing governments and health authorities more time to respond to protect public health and safety.

Wastewater treatment plant modernized to prepare for growing population

Midland, Ont. partnered with Schneider Electric to implement its EcoStruxure solution within its existing infrastructure. Equipping staff with easy access to data and information supports smarter energy management and enables decision-making grounded in real-time insights.
unveiling St. Paul Wastewater Treatment Plant

Two Alberta towns unveil WWTP upgrades totalling $35M

Albertans in the towns of St. Paul and Vermilion last week celebrated the opening of a new wastewater treatment plant and the completion of...
Columbia Pollution Control Centre Graphic

B.C. water infrastructure set for $110M in upgrades

British Columbia and the federal government are investing $110 million in a series of drinking water, stormwater and wastewater upgrades that range from filtration...

Ontario infrastructure has $52B repair backlog, FAO report finds

Forty-five percent of Ontario’s municipal infrastructure is not in a state of good repair, suggests a new report from the Financial Accountability Office of...

Four water treatment plant upgrades funded across Canada

Water treatment plant upgrades have received funding for projects in New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories. The biggest ticket item among them includes $5.9...

Regulator disciplines engineers for Mount Polley Mine tailings pond disaster

A disciplinary hearing panel led by Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia (EGBC) has issued unprofessional conduct notices against two engineers for their role in...

Winnipeg secures funding for first phase of North End sewage treatment plant overhaul

The North End Sewage Treatment Plant — the City of Winnipeg's oldest and largest — has secured some $213 million for the first of...

New wastewater data reveals surge in drug use as pandemic led to lockdowns

New municipal wastewater analysis released by Statistics Canada shows that the recreational use of cannabis, fentanyl and methamphetamine increased significantly in five major Canadian...

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Vancouver firm using electrochemical oxidation to destroy PFAS, WEF begins pyrolysis...

As Vancouver-based Axine Water Technologies reports some success in destroying per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) compounds in water and wastewater through electrochemical oxidation, the U.S.-based...