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Small Ontario town split over mayor’s plea to create wastewater plant

To keep pace with population growth and business demands in the Town of Erin, located 80 kilometres northwest of Toronto, local officials are vying...
construction of the wastewater treatment plant in Thompson, Manitoba

Construction underway for Thompson, Manitoba’s new SBR wastewater treatment plant

The foundation is laid and construction is underway for the City of Thompson’s new $36.5-million single centralized wastewater treatment facility, featuring a sequencing batch...
wastewater basins

How to control odour and microbial induced corrosion in waste streams

Odour may be exacerbated due to side-stream intercepts such as poultry facilities, paint manufacture effluent, and food process waste.
Aire-O2™ Universal Mount

New mounting system allows for easier and safer aeration system maintenance

Through conversations with plant operators and service experience, Aeration Industries recognized the importance of maintenance and safety for those servicing wastewater aeration equipment. The idea to develop a mount on a sliding pedestal so operators could maintain equipment safely on the walkway was conceived.

Advanced pump station monitoring provides real-time data for performance analysis

Volucalc, a device from Canadian manufacturer Maid Labs, makes use of very simple information available in the pumping station to collect data and alarm the operator if anything goes wrong.

Pretreatment for membrane bioreactors is imperative for performance

To maximize the success of membrane bioreactors, pretreatment should be a top priority. Process can be compromised by even the smallest solid or debris.

Digester optimization helped by new thermal wet gas flow meters

New developments in anaerobic digester controls allow a single digester to process a greater volume of solids in a shorter period of time by isolating and treating the phases of digestion separately.

World’s first wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence now available in Canada

Global water technology company Xylem, announced that has developed the world’s first wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence. This new smart, interconnected wastewater pumping...

StatCan seeks wastewater analyzer to gauge cannabis use

It isn’t new to test municipal wastewater for nitrogen, phosphorus or chemical oxygen demand, but using wastewater to gauge drug use among the public...

New report: Building capacity among small water systems in BC

Approximately, 15% of BC water users receive their water from one of over 4,500 small water systems around the province. Yet, many of these small...

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Conference report: Aboriginal Water & Wastewater Association of Ontario

Toronto hosts a successful 23rd annual Aboriginal Water & Wastewater Association of Ontario’s Conference and Tradeshow. Held February 27 – March 1, 2018, in downtown...