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Map of Stratford PEI

Lagoons turn to green space as wastewater plan advances in P.E.I town

After several years in planning, and nearly $11 million in project funding, wastewater is finally flowing from the Prince Edward Island Town of Stratford...

Hamilton officials say approvals will make creek cleanup timeline challenging

City of Hamilton officials say it could take nearly a year beyond Ontario’s fall deadline before it’s able to complete the dredging of a...

Vernon forced to discharge wastewater to lake as irrigation use derailed

Starting this month, the Vernon Water Reclamation Centre (VWRC) will be forced to discharge reclaimed water through a deep outfall to British Columbia’s Okanagan...

Ottawa researchers finalize wastewater test for UK COVID variant

A new wastewater test developed by Ottawa researchers is able to detect B.1.1.7, the most prominent of three new COVID-19 variants. The Children's Hospital of...
COVID-19 test

COVID variants detected in Wastewater prior to lab sequencing

In the new study, researchers sequence RNA extracted from wastewater samples, but there may be many different strains present because there are many individuals contributing to the sample. This makes it challenging to distinguish the SARS-CoV-2 genetic signal from the billions of bacteria and viruses people excrete every day.
iFILT – Diamond Filter

Innovative filter greatly reduces discharge of microplastics in wastewater effluent

The filter is based on a revolutionary fluid mechanics general concept. The basic idea is to combine an optimized fluid mechanics design with the cross-flow filtration process engineering approach.
Lift station sensor

How three municipalities are changing the game with level measurement technology

As radar technology has become more prolific, it has also become more affordable and cost-effective for wastewater treatment plants of any size. Operators need reliable measurements to keep pumps running smoothly, maintain inventory of important chemicals and additives, and measure how much water is moving through their facility.
Aeration lagoon

Study identifies wastewater management strategy for western Saskatchewan

The design and construction of a wastewater management system includes two new sewage pumping stations; 32 kilometres of 100 mm, 200 mm and 250 mm high-density polyethylene wastewater forcemains; two new truck dump stations; a new booster station; and a new aerated lagoon to treat wastewater from the region.

Stripping ammonia from landfill leachate to produce hydrogen makes economic sense

Is it possible to turn landfill leachate from being a liability into an asset? Many minds have been exercised with this challenge but so far no one has broken through. Leachate remains a potentially troublesome problem with no clear route to becoming an asset.

Wastewater treatment plant installs prefabricated modular insulated floating tank cover system

As a result of increased demands on the 430 m³/day facility in St. Jacobs, Ont., upgrades were necessary for it to run as efficiently as possible with minimal downtime. It took only three days to install the panels of the prefabricated modular insulated floating cover system, while the plant was kept in operation

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