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photo of the pulp plant

New Brunswick paper company facing record fine for river discharges

Irving Pulp and Paper Ltd. of Saint John, New Brunswick, has agreed to pay $3.5 million in penalties as part of an agreed statement...

PEI water tech firm to install wastewater sensors across Canada

Prince Edward Island company Island Water Technologies has secured a $470,000 federal government contract to install nine bio-electrode wastewater sensors that will monitor wastewater...

U.S. water CEOs talk water reuse progress at annual WateReuse symposium

Top water CEOs spoke about incredible growth opportunities in the water reuse sector, during a roundtable discussion at the Annual WateReuse Symposium.
Map of drains in Chatham-Kent

Ontario orders sewage warning signs for drains in Chatham-Kent

The Ontario municipality of Chatham-Kent, near the U.S. Detroit border, is working on signs in public places to warn people of potential sewage contamination...

Biosolids digester replacement project delivers savings and helps sustainability

The process hydrolyses dewatered biosolids, using low-temperature steam, high-speed shearing and alkali, in an enclosed, low-pressure reactor.
biogas system diagram

Wastewater biogas power system relies on thermal mass flow meters for optimal performance

Measuring digester biogas flow accurately over variable flow rates is critical to the success of wastewater biofuel co-gen energy production.
EPCOR's Nutrient Recovery Facility

Canada’s largest nutrient recovery facility opens in Edmonton

EPCOR, a utility company, in partnership with Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, has officially unveiled a nutrient recovery facility in Edmonton that is the largest...
The Aerotech Wastewater Treatment Facility

Halifax Airport loses bid to delegate wastewater compliance for commercial tenants

When municipal servicer Halifax Water detected glycol in the wastewater during the winter of 2015-2016, it disrupted processes at its Aerotech Wastewater Treatment Facility, which serves a nearby business complex and the Halifax International Airport.

Accidents at water and wastewater plants injure workers

With two deaths at Canadian water plants in recent months, and two worker deaths in Texas, 10 people were injured in a wastewater plant explosion in Chicago

UK study finds greater ratio of microplastics downstream of WWTPs

The U.K. study found that microplastics were more prevalent downstream of wastewater treatment plants than they were upstream.

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Nova Scotia grants controversial year-long pilot for Lafarge to burn tires...

Nova Scotia’s Environment Department has greenlighted a controversial one-year pilot project at a Lafarge Canada Inc. cement plant in Brookfield, N.S., to burn tires...