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WEFTEC 2023 set to honour three future-focused Canadian water utilities

Canada will have three first-time water utilities honoured through the Utility of the Future Today program in October at WEFTEC 2023 in Chicago. The Water...
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Hamilton’s StreamGo engages in PFAS removal project with Buffalo Sewer Authority

New York State's City of Buffalo is utilizing an advanced oxidation technology targeted at per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) that was developed by Ontario-based water...

Utilities Kingston shows worker clearing grease, fat in sewer to raise disposal awareness

A new awareness campaign from Utilities Kingston includes a YouTube video showing just how challenging it can be for workers to clear out hardened...
Residential decentralized wastewater treatment

Benefits and potential applications of decentralized and distributed wastewater management

As our communities are embracing the need for greater sustainability, infrastructure security, and resilience, it may be time to evaluate and implement a more local alternative. This can be a distributed network of decentralized wastewater treatment and resource recovery facilities.
CB Shield
Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool

Acoustic inspection proving to be a game-changer for sewer maintenance

Maintaining an efficient and reliable sewer system is a critical task for any city. To meet these challenges, innovative technologies are being employed to streamline maintenance processes and reduce costs. One such technology is acoustic inspection, which is a fast, low-cost, and highly effective method for assessing small-diameter gravity sewer lines.
Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors

Simplify wastewater DO monitoring with flexible, low-maintenance sensors

When it comes time to invest in equipment, selecting low-maintenance sensors that resist fouling and abrasion and don’t need frequent calibrations to preserve their accuracy goes a long way toward optimizing process control. Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors are popular for their low initial investment.

What makes butterfly valves unique?

The distinct structure and functionalities of butterfly valves, coupled with their compliance with various industry standards, make them a practical choice in demanding environments.
Pratt butterfly valves

Taking a closer look at the material of water system valve seats

A simple choice of material can impact the design life, function, and performance. One change that has all three beneficial outcomes for water distribution is moving from nitrile (Buna-N) to ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) for valve seats.
Cool down water

Addressing industrial wastewater management strategies

Companies with their own wastewater management facilities are facing a number of challenges, but there are technologies and practices offering solutions.

Canadian Arctic water system innovations for freeze protection

A prudent approach to Arctic water system design is not if the system is going to freeze, but when it is going to freeze, as things can go wrong.
Storage tanks

How to build cost-effective storage solutions for wastewater treatment chemicals

Thoroughly understanding the nuances of the chemical’s properties is vital to maximize the operation and performance of the chemical delivery system, as well as the longevity of the chemical storage tank. If you simply design a tank based on generic factors such as size, material and capacity without defining the chemical used, you risk getting a non-optimal tank.

Supervisor sentenced to three years for negligence in New Brunswick WWTP death

A New Brunswick construction supervisor who failed to follow safety protocols for his workers has been sentenced to three years in prison for the...
fire truck wastewater

Welsh firefighters test use of UV-treated wastewater as droughts increase

While firefighters can access fresh water from pump trucks or hydrants, and even utilize special foams and swimming pools when the situation calls for...
Orlando Aponte

Ministry of Labour investigating fatal fall at Toronto WWTP

A worker died after falling 30-stories in August at Toronto’s Ashbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant during construction on the Coxwell Bypass Tunnel project. The Ministry...
montreal water

Montreal plans to address high water use and leakage with new water strategy

City of Montreal officials say they may be at the top of the list when it comes to which city wastes the most water...
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Manitoba invests $7.5M for Winnipeg’s Southwest Sewer Interceptor

Nearly $8 million for wastewater infrastructure upgrades in Manitoba will provide immediate pollution relief to the Red River and Lake Winnipeg through a new...
Olive Branch, Mississippi

Smart window maker fined nearly $5M for illegal wastewater discharges

A smart window company operating in Mississippi has been fined nearly $5 million by a federal judge for negligently discharging wastewater into a city...

Ontario utility fined for water bypass, operating under outdated compliance

A utility services company has been fined $25,000 by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), for water bypassing part of its...
Bowen Island

Major water infrastructure upgrades funded for B.C. and New Brunswick communities

Canada and two provincial governments are making substantial water and wastewater infrastructure investments in the British Columbia community of Bowen Island and the New...
hydrothermal liquefaction.

UBC explores hydrothermal liquefaction to extract phosphorus from municipal wastewater

The University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Bioreactor Technology Group says it has found a cost-effective method to extract phosphorus from wastewater sludge and convert...

New U.S. reports question financial feasibility of municipal PFAS removal at WWTPs

A new survey suggests that operational costs for wastewater utilities could increase by more than 60% — some three times higher than federal projections...
Sandy Lake

Nova Scotia flash floods damage water infrastructure as investments announced in Antigonish

Flash flooding damaged a pump station in the Nova Scotia community of Bedford recently, causing sewage to flow into Sandy Lake.  The flash flooding damaged...
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Manitoba takes centre stage for water

Manitoba has been making headlines with a series of water-related initiatives, including the modernization of its water strategy, access to water network data, and the establishment of new invasive species inspection stations.

Creating wastewater system capacity to support housing: Private-side inflow and infiltration reduction success

There are many benefits of reducing significant inflow and infiltration (I&I), including obvious advantages over adding more conveyance and treatment capacity.

MABR modules installed as part of Elmira WWTP upgrade

Several membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) modules were installed at the Elmira Wastewater Treatment Plant, to increase biological treatment capacity.

Dosing hypochlorite in a new wastewater treatment plant

Recently, one new wastewater treatment plant required a pump capable of accurately dosing 15% sodium hypochlorite, which is a challenging product to pump.

Exploring the vital role of pollution liability insurance for businesses and wastewater treatment plants

Unlike most liability exposures that impact a lot of businesses, pollution losses are not a frequency risk, but rather a severity risk.
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Plumbing Code update would offer balance of hygiene, privacy, and clog protection for public...

Public service announcements reminding people that “toilets are not trash cans” have grown in recent years, but one engineer is looking at the flushing...

Hamilton pleads guilty, pays record water fine over ‘sewergate’ creek spill

The Ontario City of Hamilton has pleaded guilty and been fined $2.1 million by the province for a major stormwater runoff and sanitary sewage...

BC, Manitoba First Nations set for major water infrastructure upgrades

Provincial and federal investments are supporting water and wastewater treatment system upgrades for First Nation communities in Manitoba and British Columbia. For the B.C. Haida...

BC and Ontario housing developers fined for mismanaging sewage systems

A British Columbia property developer and an Ontario mobile home company are both facing provincial fines for separate and unrelated instances where they improperly...
Gatwick Stream

Thames Water CEO resigns after UK utility fined $5.6M for sewage pollution

The U.K.’s largest water and wastewater utility, Thames Water, has pleaded guilty and been fined £3.3 million (CAD$5.6 million) for mistakenly running a stormwater...
remote access computer

Former employee charged for remote computer attack on California water treatment plant

A former water plant contractor for instrumentation and control technology has been charged with intentionally causing damage to a protected computer. The new indictment...
cruise ship

Canadian cruise ships ready for mandatory wastewater measures

The federal government has released mandatory environmental measures for cruise ships that address treatment and discharge practices for greywater and treated sewage. The Ministry of...
brine filter NASA

NASA’s urine brine processor pushes water reclamation to 98% on International Space Station

New brine processor technology is helping NASA astronauts reach a water reclamation milestone onboard the International Space Station. Some of the key items on the...
paper mill

International Paper introduces Via filtration technology for energy savings at Alberta kraft pulp mill

New federal funding of $3.6 million will launch a collaboration between the International Paper Company and Via Separations Inc. for a first-of-its-kind filtration technology...
Dominion wastewater plant

Nova Scotia’s CBRM forming commission to revamp water, wastewater billing

The water utility and wastewater departments in The Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) are forming a commission that would be regulated by the Nova...
wastewater clarifier treatment

Senator introduces bill to protect U.S. water utilities from PFAS cleanup costs, litigation

A Wyoming senator has introduced a liability protection bill to shield U.S. water utilities from being pulled into legal actions taken against PFAS manufacturers...

Canadians make strong showing as host of AWWA’s ACE23 in Toronto

Not only is one out of 10 American Water Works Association (AWWA) members from Canada, those members also made quite the splash at the...

Consultations open for WSER upgrade extensions, temporary bypass authorizations

*The following regulatory news article is intended to be an overview of the report or legislation and not a replacement for the actual guidance...

Supervisor found guilty in New Brunswick WWTP drowning death

A construction supervisor has been found guilty of criminal negligence in relation to an 18-year-old who drowned during a leak test for a new...
Earl Grey

Canadian Coast Guard debuts new green wastewater system on icebreaker

The Canadian Coast Guard says its new on-board wastewater electrochemical treatment technology system (WETT-S) eliminates about 75% more suspended solids, including heavy metals and...

U.K. environment secretary pledges ban of plastics in wet wipes by 2024

U.K. Environment Secretary Therese Coffey says a consultation to end the sale of plastic-containing wet wipes plastics is in the works and a ban...

Online campaign finds owner of diamond ring found at wastewater plant

Just one month after wastewater plant workers in Minnesota discovered a diamond ring covered in solids and grit during routine maintenance, local officials announced...

Reducing your carbon footprint with heat exchangers

Heat exchangers can reduce the energy consumption (and therefore greenhouse gas emissions) of thermal processes in a wide range of industries.

Research projects blaze trails at Canadian colleges and universities

Canadian colleges and universities made headlines this spring with an array of innovative and meaningful research projects.

The benefits of using connected safety devices in water, wastewater facilities

Connected technologies can keep water industry workers safe, while also improving productivity, highlighting trends and lowering the likelihood of future incidents.

Biofilter rehabilitation at Toronto’s Humber Wastewater Treatment Plant

During replacement of the biofilter media and tank clean-out, it was decided to improve the tanks' containment integrity with a geomembrane lining system.

Balancing environmental responsibility while expanding wastewater management infrastructure

Pressure sewers offer an alternative sanitary sewer option because they provide an economic solution to challenging environmental conditions, where gravity sewers are impractical and where septic systems pose risks to the environment.
sewer manhole

Closer to source means faster, clearer results from wastewater surveillance

Standing in traffic to get a wastewater RNA sample through a sewer maintenance hole may not be ideal, but it may be more effective. While logistically, there is a simplicity to obtaining and monitoring samples directly at the wastewater treatment plant, easier does not always mean better.
Lumsden wastewater treatment plant

Small town of Lumsden leads Saskatchewan with solar-powered WWTP

The scenic Town of Lumsden has achieved an innovative feat by becoming the most solar-driven municipality in Saskatchewan, thanks to its award-winning venture of powering a brand-new wastewater treatment plant with the endless energy of the sun.
sewer cleanout

Finding and fixing sewer inflow and infiltration problems

An important concept to understand about addressing I/I is that it is not just an engineering issue. To implement a long-term I/I program, the entire municipality needs to be involved. The work must be supported by the CAO and engineering, development, building, by-law, and planning departments need to participate.

EPA issues first-of-its-kind enforcement over chemical maker’s PFAS Ohio River contamination

In its first ever Clean Water Act enforcement action, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ordered chemical maker Chemours to take corrective measures...

York Regional Council earmarks $3B for major water infrastructure work

Ontario’s York Regional Council has earmarked $3.1 billion over the next decade to build out and maintain its water and wastewater infrastructure, with a...

Pennsylvania wastewater workers find alligator among diapers, rags

Wastewater treatment workers in Pennsylvania's Lehigh County last week were shocked to discover that a small alligator cocooned in gunk had hitched a ride...

SHARC partners with Subterra to offer thermal wastewater energy solutions

Wastewater energy transfer company SHARC International Systems Inc. has formed a partnership with Subterra Capital Partners Inc. to add geothermal exchange system expertise into...

Manitoba forms task force to manage Winnipeg’s delayed WWTP upgrades

Manitoba has formed a task force to ensure that the delays plaguing the $2.2-billion upgrade projects at the North End Water Pollution Control Centre...
Blue clarifier

Peterborough WWTP developing a comprehensive optimization strategy

At the Peterborough wastewater treatment plant, estimated yearly savings in the range of $100,000 to $160,000 are possible when the SENTRY data is used effectively to avoid upsets and fine tune operations based on changing influent conditions.

Wastewater plant workers uncover diamond ring during maintenance

When wastewater treatment plant staff in Minnesota were elbow-deep in solids and grit during routine maintenance last month, they stumbled upon an unexpected treasure...

First Nations Drinking Water and Wastewater Act closes consultation window

Public consultation wrapped last week for the draft of what will eventually become the First Nations Drinking Water and Wastewater Act. Since summer 2022, federal...

ALTRA | SANEXEN to begin PFAS removal from landfill leachate

Environmental services firm SANEXEN has been contracted to provide continuous full-scale remediation of PFAS from landfill leachate and wastewaters for one of Canada’s largest...

Toronto Western Hospital commissions massive wastewater energy transfer project

The system, believed to be the world’s largest, will transfer energy to and from raw wastewater flowing through the deep rock mid-Toronto interceptor sewer tunnel, and aims to supply 1.8 billion kilowatt-hours of energy, approximately 90% of Toronto Western Hospital’s space heating and cooling requirements.
transportation illustration

Water treatment chemical costs draining city coffers across Canada

The pandemic impact on supply chains is leaving the chemical industry reeling, and rising energy costs is affecting the manufacturing and transportation industries, piling onto already sky-high prices, and creating a perfect storm of price pressures.
insulated aboveground tank

MBBR used to reduce ammonia in poultry facility wastewater lagoon

Whitewater Processing continues to operate the moving bed biofilm reactor system year-round with minimal air required during the summer due to the excellent ammonia reduction, and is currently in compliance with all effluent discharge limits.
Raw, effluent samples

Determining the effectiveness of ultrasound to control algae in wastewater treatment lagoons

A frequent concern with the use of ultrasound is that the ultrasonic vibration could result in cell lysing that could release the microcystin toxins stored within the blue-green algae cell. However, new demonstrations show ultrasound does not result in cavitation, and consequently, does not lyse the blue-green algae cells.
Geotechnical drilling on lagoon perimeter

Permafrost data recording helps with Arctic wastewater lagoon repairs

The goal of the field study program was to collect data that could be used to assess the geotechnical elements of the lagoon and develop a plan to improve issues such as a floating liner that formed “islands” or “whales”, lagoon leakage under one of the berms, and significant subsidence of the earth berms progressing over time.
Verderflex VF65 hose pump

Overcoming difficulties with pumping primary sludge

Operators at a wastewater treatment plant were faced with pumping primary sludge with a solid content of between 4.5% – 9.5%. The circumstances for pumping this product were severe, making handling and treatment difficult.
replacement pump installation

The benefits of upgrading to modern grinder pump technology

As a result of understanding the hydraulic benefits of the progressive cavity units and the reliability of centrifugal pumps, a modernized solution was developed to optimize pump performance and hydraulics – this being the dual-stage centrifugal grinder.
Dream LeBreton development image

Ottawa set to connect development to wastewater energy transfer project

The City of Ottawa has approved its first-ever pilot project to utilize thermal energy from wastewater for low-carbon heating and cooling of two new...

World Water Day talk highlights the use of sweeteners to find wastewater contamination

In celebration of World Water Day, the University of Guelph welcomed a federal research scientist to share his work on tracing artificial sweeteners to...

Wastewater surveillance moves into studying people’s diets for public health

Wastewater surveillance gained prominence over the last few years for monitoring diseases, but researchers at Arizona State University (ASU) are now investigating the use...

EPA issues long-awaited drinking water limits for PFAS compounds

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing that public water systems monitor for and reduce six per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as it...

OSWCA wants Ontario to ensure municipal water services fully recover costs

The Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association (OSWCA) is asking the provincial government to pass legislation that would require municipal and regional governments to...
ona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

New funding set for two major BC wastewater projects

Richmond and Prince Rupert have secured major federal funding, as well as British Columbia investments, in the development of new wastewater infrastructure. In Richmond, B.C.,...

EPA asks water utilities to include cybersecurity practices for audits

Cybersecurity protocols must be integrated into audits for U.S. water utilities, says the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as it works to clarify definitions and...

New water monitoring method improves flocculation and minimizes mixing energy

Engineering researchers at Texas A&M University have developed a first-of-its-kind water monitoring technique that improves flocculation and minimizes the energy used for mixing. Coagulant chemicals...

Methane emissions from wastewater treatment may be nearly double previous estimates

After measuring and analyzing emissions from 63 U.S. municipal wastewater treatment plants, two new studies by researchers at Princeton University show that the process...

Small, isolated wetlands adept at catching pollutants, study finds

University of Waterloo researchers have determined that small, geographically-isolated wetlands make more efficient filters for nitrogen. The new University of Waterloo study is one of...

DOE invests $18M to research cleantech mineral extraction from project wastewater

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is investing $18 million into research focused on the beneficial reuse of wastewater, as well as the extraction...

SCG, infinitii ai, win one of the largest flow and rainfall projects in Peel...

Ontario-based SCG Flowmetrix, together with infinitii ai, have been awarded one of the largest multi-year sewer flow and rainfall monitoring projects in Canada for...

Montreal set for incinerator, ozonation upgrades at Jean-R. Marcotte WWTP

The City of Montreal is replacing the aging incinerators at its wastewater treatment plant, as it undergoes other upgrades that will allow it to...

Environmental fine round-up: Ontario construction group, landfill, greenhouse

The Ontario-based Barclay Construction Group Inc. has joined an alternative measures agreement in response to its workers depositing sediment-contaminated water into Lake Ontario from...

An overview on water and wastewater issues in Europe

The market for water and wastewater treatment plants in Europe will continue to grow in the long term, as populations grown and standards improve.
E/One grinder pump station

Preserving a town’s natural resources with an all-terrain sewer

An All-Terrain Sewer is constructed of PVC pipe with solvent-welded joints and leak tested to the same standards used for potable water supply piping networks. Water-tight and virtually leak-free, it is not subject to infiltration from groundwater or from surface stormwater entering through leaking pipe joints and manholes.
Septic tank installation

Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association helps regulators and property owners in rural municipalities

OOWA has developed several resources that are directed to rural property owners, encouraging them to regularly maintain their onsite sewage systems to ensure their longevity and the protection of human health, lifestyle, and the enjoyment of water resources.
Installed prefabricated lift station

Prefabricated stations address wastewater challenges for remote communities

Wastewater pump stations designed for small communities are the heart and arguably the most important component of a decentralized treatment system. They can be assembled on-site by pouring concrete and then adding each required component, or can be pre-assembled (pre-fabricated) before arriving on-site, which significantly reduces project complexity, cost, and the time required for installation.
Pilot Butte wastewater treatment lagoons

Pilot Butte, SK upgrades its wastewater treatment lagoons

Working together with Nexom’s Winnipeg-based lagoon process team, the project engineers designed a solution that would enable Pilot Butte to maximize the use of their existing lagoon infrastructure without sacrificing the operation and maintenance simplicity, to meet additional capacity and more stringent effluent limits.
Flygt adaptive mixer

What can you do with adaptive wastewater mixers?

Wastewater treatment plant operators are increasingly turning to mixers with integrated variable speed control, which can dramatically lower energy use and reduce wear. With a growing focus on nutrient removal, energy management and optimization, mixers present an extraordinary opportunity for improvement for most wastewater treatment facilities.
Fuzzy Filters

Fibre balls in the fight against micropollutants

Fuzzy Filters, which are made from synthetic fibres and shaped into a sphere, are said to be able to eliminate as much as 95% of all trace substances and also remove microplastics and phosphorus from wastewater. Unlike conventional filter systems, the liquid to be filtered flows both around the outside of the filter material as well as through it.
Fat Oil and Grease

Understanding the impacts of FOG on wastewater systems

Removal of FOG in the production stage can prevent the need to treat downstream. In some cases, a gravity grease interceptor can be used to remove FOG prior to additional treatment or discharge. Source grease traps identify and treat for FOG at specific high FOG areas and remove them before they make it to the waste stream.

BC researchers find toxic chemical 4NP in endangered killer whales

A toxic chemical often used to make toilet paper was prevalent among an array of concerning chemicals found in the bodies of orcas and...

New reality show navigates sewer infrastructure with commercial divers

A new series from Discovery Channel takes viewers on a journey through sewer systems in several major U.S. cities as they tackle clogs and...

New lift stations set for WWTPs in Nova Scotia, British Columbia

Two small Nova Scotia communities and the British Columbia District of Sechelt have received funding for wastewater upgrades, Infrastructure Canada has announced. In both Kings...

SHARC deal aims to triple wastewater energy transfer for Vancouver’s False Creek

British Columbia-based SHARC International Systems Inc. says its new deal with the City of Vancouver will create the largest project in North America that...

Los Angeles River study looks at wastewater reuse impact on receiving waters

The Los Angeles River consists mainly of treated wastewater effluent during periods of drought, so local officials are looking to expand their options for...

Recycled water showed less toxicity than tap water in new study

A new Stanford University study shows that after treating potable reuse water, it can often be cleaner and more dependable than conventional drinking water...

Moose Jaw eyes $24M in ICIP funding to replace aging wastewater lift station

The Saskatchewan City of Moose Jaw is pursuing some $24 million in federal infrastructure funding to replace a 61-year-old lift station that lacks the...

Atlantic First Nations Water Authority becomes Canada’s first Indigenous water utility

The Atlantic First Nations Water Authority has become Canada’s first Indigenous water utility, following a recent service delivery transfer agreement with Indigenous Services Canada. After...

Hamilton Water discovers hole that leaked sewage into harbour for 26 years

Ontario’s Environment Minister says he’s requiring Hamilton to audit its entire sewage infrastructure and come up with a remediation plan, following the recent discovery...
Jonathan Riberdy

Mentoring meaningful for all winners of National First Nations Water Leadership Award

Five years in, the National First Nations Water Leadership Award is helping to tell some of the hidden tales of mentorship ongoing in the lives of water operators on Canada’s reserves, and the joy they’re finding in teaching others to carry on the mission towards creating finely-tuned water systems.

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