Products & Services Showcase – 28th Edition

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Asahi/America Type-21a SST Flow Control Ball Valve

Asahi/America Type-21a SST Flow Control Ball Valve with Series 19 Smart Actuator

Asahi/America’s Type-21a SST flow control valve paired with the Series 19 Smart Pack® actuator provides a cost effective, high accuracy flow control package. The characterized ball valve provides a modified equal percentage flow control, with repeatable results across span of travel. The actuator is capable of 0.01% accuracy of setpoint.

Atlantium’s UV Treatment

Can-Am Instruments Represents Atlantium Technologies UV Treatment

Atlantium’s UV Treatment takes water safety to levels never before achieved with other UV systems and chemicals. The HOD UV technology achieves process control and water safety by effectively destroying illness-causing microorganisms using a chemical-free water treatment solution. An innovative approach to control, monitoring and performance supporting your biosecurity needs in food & beverage, cooling water, boiler feed, and membrane protection.

Flottweg Xelletor

Engineered for Your Success

Flottweg has over 60 years of experience manufacturing and servicing centrifuges, leading to 13,000 units sold worldwide. Flottweg is continuously advancing centrifuge technology with innovations such as the double cone scroll, centrate energy recovery systems, and most recently our new open scroll design, Xelletor, that allows for more capacity, drier cake, and lower polymer consumption.

Tropi-Carb® HCTC cartridges

Activated Carbon Liquid Filter Cartridges from Harmsco Filtration Products

Harmsco Filtration Products proudly offers the largest selection of 5-micron activated carbon liquid filter cartridges. The Tropi-Carb® HCTC Family of 2-3/4″ diameter cartridges offers the highest industry standards for removal of chlorine, disinfection byproducts (DBP), as well as taste and odour. For 5-micron activated carbon liquid filtration solutions, contact Harmsco today:, 800-327-3248

Hydro International TeaCup® system

NEW! OpTeaCup® Grit Concentration and Classification

Hydro International’s TeaCup® system has been redesigned to accommodate today’s influent wastewater conditions. The OpTeaCup™ is designed to pass flushable wipes and minimize external components without fluidizing water. Hydro’s decades of experience and thousands of successful free vortex grit removal installations inspired the design.

Walkerton Clean Water Centre training

Training and Information by the Walkerton Clean Water Centre

WCWC delivers a range of training through hands-on, correspondence, online and virtual options. Enroll in a session in the format and location that best suits your needs to learn about water treatment, distribution and compliance and earn CEUs. The Drinking Water Resource Library contains a variety of resources to help water professionals better understand common water concerns. Access fact sheets, how-to videos, templates, regulations and industry standards in one place and leave the searching to us.

York Fluid Controls Ds500 Peristaltic Chemical Dosing Pump

The New Ds500 Peristaltic Chemical Dosing Pump by Verder

The Verderflex Ds500 is a low cost, industrial peristaltic pump designed for metering and dosing transfer (fluid/chemical) with a focus on accuracy and minimum downtime, at pressures of up to 102 PSI. The economical Ds500 offers accurate flow performance from 0.001 to 8 GPH(US) dosing chemicals of all kinds in water/wastewater treatment. Repeatability of up to ±1% accuracy with reduced pulsation flow includes no check valves so it operates clog free, handles liquids, gases and solids easily. It comes with a simple full colour 4.3″ TFT touchscreen to easily program the pump.