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Eco-groups call for new monitoring of creek contamination from former B.C. mine

Community eco-action groups in British Columbia are calling on the province to increase its monitoring of mining metals and compounds that a new report...
landfills synthetic clay liners

low-energy extraction wells for removing contaminant plumes originating from lined landfills

In some low hydraulic conductivity settings, using one or more low-capacity wells could be advantageous, by decreasing the chance of excessive drawdown associated with higher capacity wells.
Results of LNAPL mobility testing

How natural processes are changing the way we manage petroleum contamination

Most of the petroleum non-aqueous phase liquid at the majority of contaminated sites is expected to exist in residual form that remains largely unrecoverable via conventional remediation techniques.
Brick mortar

Careful planning required to deal with asbestos during facade renovations

By Hassan Ktaech While even the most experienced commercial construction and renovation companies may be well versed in how to remove asbestos safely from walls,...

Ontario’s new regulation on excess soil highlights new in-demand skills

Ontario’s new excess soil regulation points to skills that will be in demand in the future. With the increased density of cities and the popularity of high-rise living, there has been a growing volume of excavated soil.

Two Quebec companies fined for environmental violations

Following guilty pleas, two Quebec companies are facing fines for violations of federal environmental rules.  Seleine Mines, a division of K+S Windsor Salt Ltd., is...
Passive soil-gas TCE concentrations

Environmental forensic tools help answer legal, groundwater contamination problems

Recent court decisions have interpreted regulatory liability for contaminated lands in ways that expand the liability of polluters and, in some instances, innocent owners of contaminated sites.
Ville Ste-Catherine battery recycling facility

Creating a closed-loop process to recycle 99% of lead batteries

East Penn and Terrapure have developed a closed-loop solution to recycle East Penn’s batteries. The two companies decided a “tolling” agreement was the best way to ensure a circular life cycle.
Reay Creek Pond

B.C. town begins phase two of metal remediation for pond by former airport

The federal government has awarded phase two of British Columbia’s Reay Creek sediment remediation project to QM Environmental for $1.14 million, as officials work...
recycled lead ingots

East Penn Canada and Terrapure win environmental award for innovative lead battery recycling

Terrapure Environmental (Terrapure) and East Penn Canada announced that they received an Environment + Energy Leader Award for "Project of the Year" for their...

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