Products & Services Showcase – 19th Edition

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Flow-Tronic Torpee-Mag transmitter

New Flow-Tronic Torpee-Mag transmitter offers long battery life and high data resolution

Flow-Tronic recently released a new version of their battery-powered transmitter for their Torpee-Mag sensor (Multi-point insertion magmeter). This new model is IP68/NEMA 6P, battery powered (Alkaline D-Cell batteries), comes with pulse and Modbus RTU outputs. Delivers 2-year battery life with a 2-second sample rate. Sensor and transmitter are delivered with a 2-year warranty.

Ecobloc SMARTseries

Stormwater management from BARR Plastics

The new Ecobloc SMARTseries of stormwater infiltration modules replaces Maxx & Inspect Flex with superior performance. It offers ultra-deep installation, up to 7.5m burial; vehicle loading up to 60t (HS-25 loading); enhanced access for cleanout/inspection – every row is inspectable; and, improved logistics (up to 10 – 15% more blocks per container). Can handle heavy loads, such as crane operation areas, and special applications, such as container terminals, heavy machine operating yards, etc.

DSP Screw Press

DSP Screw Press from BDP Industries

The DSP Screw Press is a heavy-duty option for those looking for reduced operation and maintenance costs over the lifetime of the equipment. BDP’s screw press is built in the USA from start to finish, fabricated completely of stainless steel, and with unique options like pre-thickening and automatic filtrate recycle.

CB Shield® catch basin

Reliable stormwater quality treatment device from CB Shield®

A CB Shield® turns a regular street catch basin into a reliable stormwater quality treatment device. Existing streets can be retrofitted in minutes without disturbance, providing immediate and effective sediment and phosphorus control. Maintenance is provided by existing programs. ETV Verification ensures your approvals, backed up by many field studies. SWM Shield™ is an effective way to manage pond clean-out costs. LID Shield™ is an at grade life-cycle extender for bioswales and other SWM practices.

ERIS Xplorer

ERIS Xplorer: A powerful, interactive tool for overlaying data & map layers

ERIS Xplorer optimizes work efficiency by enabling the analysis, layering and presentation of data and information. It integrates ERIS’ Database Reports, Topographic Maps, Aerial Photos, Fire Insurance Maps, the ON RSC, and layers from the Physical Setting Report (if ordered). Built-in features and tools provide address search, data filtering, measurement, customization, collaboration functionality, and ERIS’ Figure Creator tool, which can generate figures and photo logs. Also, ERIS Mobile seamlessly integrates your site visit findings to Xplorer.

SpillSafe LX™ Drum Scale

Monitor chemical usage and contain spills

The SpillSafe LX™ Drum Scale from Force Flow accurately monitors amount of chemical used, remaining, and provides protection against uncontained chemical spills. An automatic deploying spill bladder keeps overall platform height to a minimum for easy drum change-out while still allowing up to 250 liters of spill containment. The SpillSafe LX™ helps you comply with Environmental Canada spill containment requirements.

Gemini™ Emergency Shutoff System

Chlorine emergency shutoff from Halogen Valve Systems

The Gemini™ Emergency Shutoff System adds a new level of safety to your gas chlorine feed system. Designed specifically for dual 150lb chlorine cylinder applications, the Gemini System, with its two Terminator™ actuators, stops a chlorine leak within seconds of detection by automatically closing the cylinder valves. Contact: 949-261-5030.

Tropi-Carb® HCTC cartridges

Water filtration products from Harmsco

Harmsco Filtration Products proudly offers the largest selection of 5-micron activated carbon liquid filter cartridges. The Tropi-Carb® HCTC Family of 2-3/4″ diameter cartridges offers the highest industry standards for removal of chlorine, disinfection byproduct (DBP), as well as taste and odor. For 5-micron activated carbon liquid filtration solutions, contact Harmsco today:, 800-327-3248.

NivuFlow Stick

The NivuFlow Stick from SPD Sales

The NivuFlow Stick is a mobile flow measurement system that produces discharge measurements in watercourses. Measurements are taken using a smartphone or tablet, giving results within seconds. With no maintenance or moving parts, this device is ideal for optimizing field surveys, and can immediately store data over a wireless connection.