Products & Services Showcase – WEFTEC 2023 Edition

This edition of ES&E Magazine’s Products & Services Showcase features the latest product information from our advertisers, who will be exhibiting at WEFTEC 2023 in Chicago in October. We encourage you to stop at their booths at WEFTEC and find out more about their products and services.

Asahi/America Series 19 Multiturn Electric Actuator

Asahi/America (booth #2255) – New Series 19 Multiturn Electric Actuator

Asahi/America has expanded its Series 19 electric actuation line to include a multiturn unit capable of operating on diaphragm and gate valves up to 4″. The Series 19 MAV MultiPack® actuator comes standard with multi-voltage capability, a visual position indicator, an LED light to indicate valve position, and auxiliary contacts.

Blue-White CO2 Feed System

Blue-White (booth #1248) – CO2 Feed System

The CO2 Feed System is a safe and effective way to adjust pH and minimize risk associated with dangerous mineral acids. The 0 – 100% scaled flowmeter has an integral adjustment needle valve for increased accuracy. The CO2 Feeder is an affordable and reliable system that is simple to use and adjust.

Chemline Plastics ChemFlare®

Chemline Plastics (booth #6527) – Proven Leak-free Sodium Hypochlorite Chemical Feed Solution

Chemline Plastics offers a complete range of thermoplastic valves, flowmeters, controls, piping, tubing and fabrication of manifolds for membrane water treatment systems. For water/wastewater our products are used on chemical feed systems from tank to injection point. Chemline’s ChemFlare® system is our proven leak-free solution for sodium hypochlorite chemical feed.

Force Flow Drumm-Scale™

Force Flow (booth #2620) – Monitor Hypo, Fluoride, Polymer

The Drumm-Scale™ from Force Flow is a simple and reliable way to accurately monitor the amount of chemical fed from your day tank and enables accurate compliance with government-required documentation of chemical use. The low-profile Tuf-Coat™ steel platform permits easy on and off loading of tanks. The Drumm-Scale is available with any of our indicators.

Halogen Valve Systems Chlorine Emergency Shutoff

Halogen Valve Systems (booth #2622) – Chlorine Emergency Shutoff

Stop a chlorine leak within seconds of detection by automatically closing the ton container or cylinder valve. The actuator quickly mounts to the valve without the use of any tools, and still allows the valve to be manually opened or closed. Confirm that the valve was torqued closed to the institute recommended standard.

IPEX Vortex Flow™ Insert

IPEX (booth #7931) – Vortex Flow

The IPEX Vortex Flow™ Insert (VFI) is a revolutionary technology for eliminating odorous emissions and minimizing corrosion in vertical sewer drops. With no moving parts and requiring no maintenance, VFIs have delivered significant cost savings in installations for municipalities across North America.

Poly Processing storage systems

Poly Processing (booth #2820) – Innovative and Cost-Effective Storage Systems from Poly Processing

Poly Processing is the leader in innovative and cost-effective storage systems. We continually develop new and better storage systems that meet the customers’ expectations for ease of use, longevity, and environmental responsibility. Our tanks are NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certified for 38 of the most popular chemicals.

Boerger (booth #2018) – The Newest Generation of Rotary Lobe Pumps – BLUEline Nova

The newest generation of Rotary Lobe Pumps – BLUEline Nova. We will be showcasing our innovative new line of BLUEline rotary lobe pumps, the BLUEline Nova. These versatile high-tech pumps are perfect for a wide range of municipal and industrial water/wastewater applications.

Crane Pumps & Systems E36 envie3 pumps

Crane Pumps (booth #2908) – Top-tier Solids Handling Pumps for Wastewater

We specialize in top-tier solids handling pumps for wastewater, including Sithe Chopper, Razor Grinder, and envie3 Dry Run Submersible series. At WEFTEC 2023, we unveil the E36 envie3 pumps — our largest yet, with 12″ discharge and 125HP. They feature advanced sensing for temperature, vibration, and seal failure monitoring.

Flottweg Xelletor

Flottweg (booth #2043) – Engineered for Your Success

Flottweg has over 60 years of experience manufacturing and servicing centrifuges, leading to 13,000 units sold worldwide. Flottweg is continuously advancing centrifuge technology with innovations such as the double cone scroll, centrate energy recovery systems, and most recently our new open scroll design, Xelletor, that allows for more capacity, drier cake, and lower polymer consumption.

HRS Heat Exchangers (booth #440) – Orange Shoes Show the Way to Water Treatment Efficiency at WEFTEC 2023

Heat exchangers are important in water and wastewater treatment, but it is important to choose the right technologies to maximize both process and energy efficiency. Considerations include space, temperature requirements, pressure drops, the nature of the materials, fouling potential, ease of maintenance, reliability, energy efficiency, and capital and operating costs. See us at WEFTEC, Stand 440.

IPEX NovaForm™

IPEX (booth #7931) – NovaForm™ PVC-based structural liner

NovaForm™, a PVC-based structural liner from IPEX, allows municipalities to repair their failing infrastructure while respecting the environment. With NovaForm, capturing and treating contaminated curing liquid is a thing of the past. As an engineered thermoplastic, NovaForm is installed using steam, and the only jobsite discharge is water.

Water Filters

Orival (booth #1158) – Low-Maintenance Water Filters

Whether organic or inorganic particles are your problem, ORIVAL filters will protect your process, equipment or outfall from damage or inefficiencies due to suspended solids. ORIVAL Filters are a good choice for onsite or discharge applications at municipal and industrial treatment facilities and have been selected time after time for water reuse projects. Orival, Inc. provides a complete line of automatic self-cleaning water filters with single unit flows from 10 to 12,000 GPM.

Vissers VANE-MAG Mag-Drive Vane Pumps

Vissers Sales (booth #855) – VANE-MAG Mag-Drive Vane Pumps

Ideal for chemical metering and transfer, VANE-MAG pumps have several unique advantages over diaphragm, peristaltic, or centrifugal pumps: Capable of low flows at high pressures; Complete range of materials of construction for any chemical; Able to pump liquid/gas mixtures; perfect for sodium hypochlorite; Magnetic drive = leak-free operation; Low maintenance.

ABB AWT420 Advanced Water Transmitters

ABB (booth #648) – AWT420 Advanced Water Transmitters

With their modular design, intelligent diagnostics, and full approvals, our AWT420 advanced water transmitters offer a flexible, high-performance solution for a wide range of industrial applications, from water and wastewater to chemical and petrochemical. Packed with a host of features including Bluetooth® connectivity, dual PID control, and EZ-Link™ sensor connection, water analysis has never been easier.

Duperon FlexRake IQ²

Duperon (booth #1600) – FlexRake IQ²

Duperon FlexRake IQ² provides maximum resiliency over a broad range of conditions with TWO SCREENS IN ONE, combining the safety factor of a coarse screen with the debris capture of a fine screen. Its smart capabilities automatically manage hydraulic and solids surges by adapting bar openings without operator intervention.

In-Situ ChemScan 4-Parameter Nutrient Analyzer

In-Situ (booth #3619) – ChemScan 4-Parameter Nutrient Analyzer

The ChemScan 4-Parameter Nutrient Analyzer delivers timely process chemistry measurements to ensure proper control of nutrient, disinfection and other dissolved chemical treatment processes. A convenient Graphic User Interface makes it easy to view parameter values at a glance, and low-maintenance design includes large-diameter sample lines and enhanced reliability for demanding applications.

JWC Monster Stack™

JWC Environmental (booth #3631) – Monster Stack™ – The Right Cutter at the Right Location

Since materials in the waste stream vary, grinders often must address multiple challenges from the bottom to the top of the grinder. JWC grinders use individual cutters so you can mix and match cutter types in a Monster Stack™. The right cutter at the right location optimizes grinder performance and longevity.

Mueller P77 Knife Gate Valve

Mueller (booth #2306) – Pratt® P77 Perimeter Seated Bi-Directional Knife Gate Valve

The P77 Knife Gate Valve has excellent sealing capabilities, ensuring a drip-tight shutoff, and prevents the buildup of solids, regardless of line pressure. It is designed to eliminate any confusion regarding the direction of isolation, providing clarity and ease of use in demanding industrial environments. Meets MSS SP-81, AWWA C520-10 and TAPPI-TIS 405-8 standards.


VEGA Instruments (booth #4444) – VEGAPULS C 21 Is an Ideal Sensor for Water and Wastewater Non-contact Measurements

For a cost-effective radar sensor that can handle the needs of water and wastewater applications, consider VEGAPULS C 21. This sensor was created with the needs of water operations in mind, reliably measuring in water treatment, pumping stations, rain overflow basins, and more. With VEGAPULS C 21, you get the reliability of 80 GHz radar technology for a low price.

Featured Chicago photo by Yuchien.ning – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0