Products & Services Showcase – 18th Edition

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ACO StormBrixx®

Modular tanks for underground stormwater storage

ACO StormBrixx® is an innovative and patented plastic geocellular stormwater management system designed for surface water storage and infiltration. Unique brick bonded and cross bonding assembly presents optimal structural stability to complement a market leading vertical and lateral load capacity. Our system offers full access for inspection and maintenance.

Series 19 Smart Electric Actuators by Asahi/America

Series 19 Smart Electric Actuators by Asahi/America

Asahi/America’s Series 19 SAV Smart Pack® electric actuators can be factory-mounted on Type-21/21a, Type-21a SST ball valves and Type-23 Multiport® ball valves. Choose from PVC, CPVC, PP, and PVDF valve bodies, and socket or threaded end connectors (ball valves). All actuated Smart Packs® are available in the four different models: on/off, modulating, failsafe, and modulating failsafe. This corrosion resistant valve and actuator package is ideal for OEMs, skid manufacturers, and general use locations.


FLEXFLO® M4 precisely doses gaseous chemical

The low shearing pumping action of the M4 peristaltic dosing pump allows it to gently and precisely pump chemicals that off gas, including Peracetic Acid and Sodium Hypochlorite, with no vapor lock and no lost prime. The advanced features of the M4 include a highly responsive and intuitive 5″ display, firmware that can be field updated, and easy to attach M12 watertight connectors.

BLUEline NOVA Rotary Lobe Pump by Boerger

Nova BLUEline rotary lobe pump from BOERGER

The Nova is the newest generation of our BLUEline rotary lobe pump. The rotors and the casing were created together to form a perfect partnership, and it shows. The result is a volumetric efficiency that has never been achieved before—and that’s not all! What’s most exciting is that smooth pumping is maintained even at high pressures.

Atlantium’s UV Treatment

Can-Am Instruments represents Atlantium Technologies

Atlantium’s UV Treatment takes water safety to levels never before achieved with other UV systems and chemicals. The HOD UV technology achieves process control and water safety by effectively destroying illness-causing microorganisms using a chemical-free water treatment solution. An innovative approach to control, monitoring and performance supporting your biosecurity needs in food & beverage, cooling water, boiler feed, and membrane protection.


EzyFlow™ Water Sampling Pump from ERE

Compact, robust design with an internal rechargeable battery, ideal for field applications. Has an illuminated ON/OFF indicator and speed control from low to high speeds. IP54-rated control panel protects against inclement weather. Suitable for various liquids. Supporting various tube sizes for transferring different liquids. Samples from depths of up to 7.9 metres. 1-888-287-3732

Flottweg Campus

Flottweg Launches New Website, Flottweg Campus, to train & educate about centrifuges

Flottweg is excited to announce the launch of its new website at The site offers practical information and training on how separation with a decanter centrifuge works. Flottweg Campus is a basic knowledge course, taught by a separation expert. Courses are online and at your own pace with access to the site for 90 days after registration. Each of the four modules has an interactive quiz at the end to check your knowledge. Participants who complete all modules will receive a certificate.

R.V. Anderson Associates

Professional engineering, operations, and management services from RVA

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA) has been engaged in the provision of professional engineering, operations, and management services since 1948. RVA is an employee-owned, multidisciplinary organization comprised of engineers, architects, technologists, modellers, and field inspection specialists for a variety of services across different sectors and discipline specific service areas.

Stantec H2O+U

Stantec H2O+U

Many of the world’s top engineers have come together in Stantec’s Water business because they view a community’s interaction with water a bit differently. Our experts lead with scientific rigor, an innovative spirit, and a vision for growth. Every day, Stantec helps communities protect their water resources for future generations. By 2025 we’re hiring 2,000 people to join our team. Apply today.