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Manitoba town votes against watermain connection plan

Seventy-nine per cent of residents in the Manitoba Town of Niverville have voted against connecting to a watermain in the town’s core, preferring to...
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Gender gap narrows, but Canada needs more technical environmental workers: report

A new report from ECO Canada details the composition of the environmental sector to reveal a workforce that has made strides in diversity, but...
North Shore WWTP project

Metro Vancouver approves regional cost-sharing plan for $3.8B North Shore WWTP

Metro Vancouver's board of directors has adopted a plan to distribute the costs of building the new wastewater treatment plant in North Vancouver across...

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Nunavut gets $2M boost as report reveals poor health and safety record at drinking...

As the federal government recently announced $2 million to develop proposals for upgrading drinking water treatment facilities in the Nunavut communities of Igloolik, Coral...
Cold Lake

Nova Scotia and Alberta communities set for wastewater upgrades

While officials in the City of Cold Lake, Alberta, prepare contracts to have shovels in the ground this summer for a new $34-million wastewater...
Biogas safety

Effectively ensuring safety in biogas facilities

While hazardous gases should be treated seriously, they are not the only safety hazard to consider in biogas facilities.
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Capacitance is a reliable and cost‑effective method to monitor for industrial spills and leaks

Unique and creative sensor design, coupled with advancements in precision components and microprocessors, have provided capacitance a stronger than ever place in the environmental monitoring space for applications such as spills and leaks.
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How to minimize the impact of problematic wastewater from upstream distilleries and industry

Sensor data almost immediately profiled high organic loading and toxicity from upstream distillery discharges, as well as the true impact from rain dilution.

New funding showcases Ontario’s dedication to critical water infrastructure

Modernizing Ontario’s water and wastewater systems will go a long way to ensure the over 1 million new homes being built across the province are effectively serviced.
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Cruise lines and ports using shore-side electricity to cut emissions

The shipping industry, including cruise lines, is adopting various strategies to achieve net zero “by or around” 2050, including new fuels, air scrubbers and shore-side electricity systems. According to some estimates, the industry can lower CO2 and other pollution emissions up to 98% by shutting down all on-board power generation from diesel engines and connecting to shore power supplied by the local utility.
IWA exhibition

Toronto to host IWA’s 2024 World Water Congress & Exhibition

The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition is the global event for water professionals covering the full water cycle. As the Congress rotates through cities and countries, each event has an extra emphasis on issues of specific interest to the region.
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River ice jam monitoring improves forecasting and response times

Ice jams in Golden, B.C. are highly dynamic and can cause water levels to rise by several metres in a few hours. Past events have threatened critical infrastructure in the town and caused winter flooding. In remote, and sometimes not so remote locations, an absence of river data requires getting to know the site in more creative ways. This creativity was required for a project in the Town of Golden, British Columbia, where the team at Matrix Solutions was consulted to design a river ice monitoring system.
Rivière-du-Loup’s water reclamation facility aerated ponds

Upgrading Rivière-du-Loup’s aerated wastewater treatment ponds

Rivière-du-Loup’s invited bidders to propose innovative solutions, rather than sticking to conventional design guidelines, opening the door to a solution that not only met the city’s needs but also offered a cost-effective alternative to the initially proposed installation of a moving bed biofilm reactor. The project also demonstrated the potential of tertiary treatment as a means of increasing the capacity of aerated ponds.
Grinder pump stations installation

Pressure sewer systems can cut new residential development costs

With a pressure sewer system, developers can defer a significant amount of their equipment cost until the sale of a home. They simply must install the piping network upfront, while basins, pumps and controls can all be installed immediately prior to occupancy. This allows income from the sale of the home to provide the financing for the equipment. This notably reduces the upfront cost associated with development.
MIEX Mini regeneration cycle chart

How a rural Alberta water treatment plant reduced DOC and improved water quality

The community found success with a fluidized ion exchange pretreatment system. MIEX® Mini systems from IXOM Watercare utilize a small-particle resin that is fluidized and used as a pretreatment step to pull organics from untreated water before it reaches the plant. This pretreatment removes dissolved organic carbon, thereby reducing disinfection byproduct formation.

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