Products & Services Showcase – 8th Edition

ES&E Magazine would like to thank our advertisers and readers for their support during this challenging time. We encourage you to check out these highlighted products and services from our advertisers. Without them, we would not be able to share water, wastewater and environmental protection news, articles and case studies. Thank you for reading ES&E Magazine!

Chemline Type 21 HypoValve Ball Valve

Chemline’s Type 21 HypoValve Ball Valve from Chemline Plastics

Type 21 HypoValve is your leak-free solution for sodium hypochlorite applications. It has all the Type 21 features, plus a vented ball, valve tag and yellow handle. We offer ChemFlare™ end connectors and PFA fittings for flexible tube applications and ECTFE (Halar®) butt fusion union end connections for rigid pipe applications.

ChemScan mini in-line analyzer

The ChemScan mini

Save time and money with the easy-to-use ChemScan mini in-line analyzer for drinking water and wastewater. This high-accuracy, low-maintenance single-parameter analyzer delivers reliable performance based on decades of experience. Measure with confidence: ammonia, phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, iron, manganese, chlorine, PAA, sulfite, copper and more.

Force Flow Chlor-Scale 150™

Chlorine Scale from Force Flow

The Chlor-Scale 150™ from Force Flow provides a simple and reliable way to monitor the amount of chlorine or ammonia used, and the amount remaining in the cylinder. The solid PVC scale platform, with a 5-year warranty, provides the strongest defense against the corrosive environments associated with gas feed applications. Electronic and hydraulic options.

Markland Sludge Sleuth™

The Sludge Sleuth™ Single Point Sludge Level Detector from Markland

The Sludge Sleuth™ is the latest addition to Markland’s line of reliable detectors. Simple damping and concentration controls accommodate thin or thick sludge or slurries, even light flocs. It automates pumps/valves, and alerts operators when preferred liquid-solids interface levels are reached. Its optical sensor provides accurate readings, even in obstructed/constricted applications.

Orival water filters

ORIVAL Water Filters

Experience – that is what sets ORIVAL Water Filters apart from competitors. Thirty years under one ownership with long-term application engineers on staff make ORIVAL, Inc. your reliable provider of filtration products. Orival, Inc. has hundreds of automatic self-cleaning screen filter models with a filter for nearly every application.

Service Filtration of Canada

Stocking Distributor for Centrifugal Pumps, Drum Pumps, AODD Pumps, and More!

Service Filtration of Canada is an authorized stocking distributor and service center for pumping and filtration equipment. We distribute industry leading equipment made in North America. Our team carries over 75 years of combined industry experience. Our top three values are: Honesty, Quality, and Excellent Service.

SPD Sales Flowrox Expulse

Flowrox Expulse inline pulsation dampener from SPD Sales

Flowrox Expulse is the simplest and most robust inline pulsation dampener on the market. This solution quiets the banging noise by settling up to 90% of pressure peaks that can eventually lead to pipeline breakage. Moreover, it saves up to 10% in pumping energy by temporarily storing it to the flexible inner hose and filler gas. The flexible construction eases system maintenance, leading to reduced downtime costs.

SPD Sales 2050 series Odor Control Valve

2050 series Odor Control Valve from SPD Sales

The 2050 series Odor Control Valve is designed to allow for ventilation and odor control at lift stations, wet wells, vaults containing ARVs and forced mains flowing into gravity-fed lines. The valve is constructed from aluminum and is epoxy coated for protection from the harsh outside environment.


Radar is the better ultrasonic

VEGA’s newest 80 GHz radar level sensors use precision focusing to deliver reliable measurements regardless of internal obstructions, changing temperatures, condensation, or dust. The VEGAPULS 31 comes with an easy-to-read display, and adjustments are made easy with a smartphone or tablet and a Bluetooth connection.