Products & Services Showcase – 38th Edition

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NEW Battery-Powered TORPEE-MAG Multi-Point Insertion Magnetic Flowmeter

The TORPEE-MAG is the most economical on-site flow metering solution for medium and large size pipe sensors, drastically reducing installation costs. Powered with standard, long life alkaline D batteries (up to 10 years life), this waterproof, self-contained insertion flowmeter provides near real-time profiling for virtually any flow monitoring application.


Training • Rescue Standby • Vac Truck Services

Amicus assists and manages a range of services, working with our customers to fulfill their Training, Emergency Response and Rescue Standby requirements. We also have an exclusive partnership with Terra HX which provides a variety of Vac Truck services including Hydro Vac, Flushing, Combo Trucks and Carbon Steel Vac Trucks.

Asahi/America Type-21a Flare Fitting

Asahi/America’s Type-21a Flare Fitting for Vented Ball Valve

Asahi/America’s PVC/FKM Type-21a vented ball valve has a 1/8″ factory-drilled on the upstream side of the valve to relieve potential for pressure buildup in the ball cavity. Now available is the option to add 1/2″ flare end connectors, PFA flare nut and FKM seals; ideal for sodium hypochlorite applications.

Barr Plastics Platin tank

Stormwater Management

The Platin tank features a low-profile design for belowground rainwater harvesting. Minimizing the installation depth makes for faster installation and reduces excavation costs. Available with either the standard pedestrian loading lid or a cast iron vehicle loading lid. Its rugged design and lightweight material ensure easy handling.

BOERGER BLUEline Legend rotary lobe pump

BLUEline Legend Rotary Lobe Pump from Boerger

Boerger’s core product, the BLUEline Legend Rotary Lobe Pump, is a self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pump available in 21 models within six series delivering flow rates up to 7,000 gpm. This heavy-duty pump has dry run capabilities and is often used for loading and unloading by reversing the flow direction.

IPEX Vortex Flow™ Insert

Vortex Flow

The IPEX Vortex Flow™ Insert (VFI) is a revolutionary technology for eliminating odorous emissions and minimizing corrosion in vertical sewer drops. With no moving parts and requiring no maintenance, VFIs have delivered significant cost savings in installations for municipalities across North America.

Vanton Chem-Gard CGM-ANSI

Vanton Chem-Gard Mag-Drive Pumps

Vanton Chem-Gard CGM-ANSI magnetically driven end suction pumps are sealless, single-stage process pumps which meet ANSI B73.1 specifications and conform to Hydraulic Institute Standards. All wet-end components are homogenous, injection-molded polypropylene (PP) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), eliminating metal-to-fluid contact and making them ideally suited for handling corrosive, hazardous, and ultrapure fluids. Flows to 450 GPM, heads to 180 FT, and temperatures to 225° F.