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U.S. oil company buys B.C.-based direct air capture firm Carbon Engineering for $1.5B

A major U.S. petroleum company has bought British Columbia-based direct air capture technology company Carbon Engineering for $1.5 billion (CDN). Acquired through Occidental subsidiary, 1PointFive,...
vehicle-mounted air quality monitor

The use of artificial intelligence in air quality monitoring

The need for artificial intelligence is being driven by the need to cost-effectively gather large amounts of air quality data for a variety of purposes.

Health Canada says impact of air pollution costs more than $100B annually

A new report from Health Canada details the health and financial consequences of exposure to ambient air pollution across Canada. After analyzing outdoor air pollution...

BC sets new controls for oil and gas sector to cut emissions, fast-track clean...

British Columbia has debuted its new Energy Action Framework as an attempt to ensure new oil and gas sector projects fit within the province’s...
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Laval releases ambitious $276M climate plan to cut GHGs by 33%

Laval, Quebec’s third largest city, has released a new climate plan that proposes nearly 400 municipal actions to reduce greenhouse gases — from increasing...

Health Canada issues guidance on improving office building air quality

*The following regulatory news article is intended to be a preview of the legislation and not a replacement for the actual guidance from the...

Canada’s new GHG reporting requirements take effect under two-year cycle

Perhaps one of the most significant changes will be updates to the quantification methods for calculating emissions, such as methane emissions from industrial wastewater.

Quebec meets 2020 GHG reduction target, cites pandemic help

The Quebec government says greenhouse gas reductions during 2020 surpassed climate change targets, primarily due to reduced economic activity and road traffic from the...

Canada finalizes indoor air quality guidelines for xylenes

Canada has finalized its Residential Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for xylenes in terms of health effects, pollutant sources, and exposure limits, according to the...

Ontario used oil refinery fined $140K for odour release incident

An Ontario court has fined used oil refinery and parts washing company Safety-Kleen Canada Inc. $140,000 for causing the discharge of sulphur compounds into...

Competition Bureau to investigate ‘clean’ and ‘affordable’ ad claims for natural gas

Canada’s Competition Bureau has opened an investigation into whether the Canadian Gas Association has falsely claimed natural gas as “clean and affordable.” Methane is the...

Flare stack monitoring minimizes environmental impact of chemical, hydrocarbon disposal

The key to minimizing environmental impact and maximizing public safety is ensuring that flare stacks are operating within prescribed parameters.

Newfoundland nixes waste-to-energy plant proposal over pollution fears

The Newfoundland Department of Environment and Climate Change has rejected a controversial proposal to open a new waste-to-energy facility, citing disposal and zoning concerns. The...

FortisBC wants new homes connected to renewable natural gas to cut emissions

FortisBC Energy Inc. has applied to the British Columbia Utilities Commission for a revised renewable gas program that could connect all new homes to...

Hamilton’s air quality made progress over last two decades: report

The City of Hamilton has made progress in terms of improving overall air quality since 1996, but there is much work yet to be...

Greenlane strikes $12M deal to clean biogas at Vancouver Landfill

Greenlane Biogas North America Ltd. is set to help decarbonize the natural gas supply at the Vancouver Landfill in British Columbia as part of...

Canada makes new environmental pledges at UN climate conference

While the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Scotland continues until Friday, Canada has already made several key environmental commitments, including the...

B.C. expands gas-capture system for Vancouver Landfill Project

British Columbia is investing $4.2 million to expand the Vancouver Landfill Project’s gas-capture system, which turns landfill emissions into renewable natural gas. Funded by CleanBC...

Canada passes climate bill with goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050

Environmental action groups are describing the passage of Bill C-12 as providing a climate accountability framework for Canada’s leaders to meet the country’s greenhouse...

Monitoring solvent emissions to ensure VOC compliance

VOCs are released from industrial activities that utilize organic chemicals such as solvents, as well as from engines and incinerators that burn organic materials and fuels.

B.C. sets new near-term GHG target as pandemic forces carbon cut

After British Columbia’s Environment Minister found the path to its 2030 emission targets to be more challenging than he first thought, the province has...
Sampling Chippewa Lake

Israeli-made algaecide making strides in fight against toxic algal blooms

Proprietary algaecide developed by Israeli-based cleantech company is creating significant drops in toxic cyanobacteria species that contaminates lakes worldwide.
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Careful selection of odour assessment methodologies is important for Accuracy

Odour assessment methods are divided into two categories: assessments at potential sources, and ambient assessments at affected areas, which are usually residential areas located close to potential odour sources. There is no standard method for odour assessment, but it can include, or be a combination of, several approaches.

Many cities under pandemic lockdown recording 40% drops in air pollution

Air pollution levels are dropping at unprecedented rates with multiple studies revealing a drastic drop in PM2.5 pollution for most global locations under pandemic...
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New fluid bed municipal biosolids incinerator and dryer meet updated emission limits

The Green Bay WWTP went through a major solids handling upgrade. This included two anaerobic digesters and a new cold wind-box fluid bed incineration system.

Challenging the bleak climate forecast for Georgian Bay

An in-depth review of actual and historical government weather station records for locations around Georgian Bay.
overview of highway intersection traffic

Air pollutants study offers recommendations to fight rise in Canada’s diesel truck traffic

A new report has a series of recommendations for Canadian cities to battle air pollution, stemming not only from a growth in major roadway...

Wildfires in Alberta, Manitoba trigger air quality warnings

Smoky conditions from wildfires in portions of Manitoba and Alberta have led to special air quality warnings from Environment Canada.  As of late last week,...

Air pollution could mean three-month shorter life expectancy for Canadians, study claims

A new study suggests that average worldwide life expectancy has dropped one year and eight months due to the effects of air pollution, with...

Nova Scotia grants controversial year-long pilot for Lafarge to burn tires as fuel

Nova Scotia’s Environment Department has greenlighted a controversial one-year pilot project at a Lafarge Canada Inc. cement plant in Brookfield, N.S., to burn tires...

Ontario calls it quits: Implications of Ontario’s decision to cancel cap-and-trade

The Ontario government has committed to ending the cap-and-trade program in Ontario, fulfilling an election promise. Here's what that means.
Vale new billion Atmospheric Emissions Reduction Project Stacks

Northern Ontario’s Vale completes $1B atmospheric emissions reduction project

Following six years of construction efforts, Vale Canada Ltd.’s $1 billion Atmospheric Emissions Reduction (AER) Project has reached completion in Sudbury, Ontario. For the mining...
Greenhouse Gas Progress Report Graph

New Ontario ECO report questions provincial cuts to GHG reduction programs

As Ontario’s new government begins cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction programs such as cap and trade, and Drive Clean, the province’s Environmental Commissioner is...

BC wildfires max out air quality index, lead to health warnings across Canada

As wildfire smoke blankets Metro Vancouver, Health Canada’s Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) has reached a 10+ rating as a warning of very high...

Wastewater treatment plant monitors its greenhouse gas emissions

To help with Helsinki's efforts to combat climate change a large wastewater treatment facility now continuously monitors its emissions of greenhouse gases.
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Composting facility fined $900,000 plus victim fine surcharges for discharging odour

On October 26, 2017, Orgaworld Canada Ltd. was convicted of nine offences under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), was fined $900,000 plus a victim...

Evaluating the performance of new fluid bed incinerators

The Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) in Pickering, Ontario, is jointly owned by the Regional Municipalities of York and Durham.

New ring jet scrubber can remove almost all flue gas particulates

No matter the facility, if a flue gas scrubbing technology is not aggressively removing particulates, it will not be compliant with existing regulations.

Nova Scotia receives feedback on proposed cap-and-trade program

The government of Nova Scotia said it has received feedback on its proposed cap-and-trade program to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The comments were in...

Biochar shows benefits as manure lagoon cover

Manure can be a useful fertilizer, returning valued nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the soil for plant growth. But manure has problems. Odour offensiveness,...

Sludge and fly ash from paper industry could be reused in plastics production

As part of the European Union's Reffibre project, Finland's VTT Technical Research Centre (VTT) examined whether new industrial applications could be developed for various...
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Quebec merchant fined for Canadian Environmental Protection Act violations

On September 14, 2016, René Jr. Major, a gas-powered equipment merchant, was ordered to pay fines and fees totalling more than $65,000 for violating...
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Sarnia Refinery and Chemical Plant fined $650,000 for Environmental Protection Act Violations

Imperial Oil Limited has pleaded guilty to one offence and was fined $650,000 for discharging a contaminant, coker stabilizer thermocracked gas, into the natural...
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Keeping industry competitive is a vital part in any carbon cap-and-trade program

While consensus regarding climate change and momentum to address it are building, jurisdictions have yet to coalesce around a common strategy or program.
wood-mulch-research chamber

Wood mulch can help in climate change fight

Researchers discovered that using wood mulch in agriculture can cut nitrous oxide emissions up to 28%, helping in climate change fight.
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Auto body supply shop fined $25,000 for VOC violations

A Mississauga shop was ordered to pay $25,000, after pleading guilty to contravening VOC limits under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999.

Cap-and-Trade regulation posted on Ontario Environmental Registry

Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change posted a regulatory proposal for a new cap-and-trade regulation on February 25, 2016.

Building a better framework for Environmental Approvals in Ontario

The Modernization of Approvals Branch of the MOECC is leading the implementation of a modernized approach to environmental approvals.
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Ontario permanently bans coal-fired electricity generation

Ontario passed legislation today to permanently ban coal-fired electricity generation in the province. This law is a first in North America.
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MOECC posts proposed greenhouse gas emissions reporting regulation to support future cap-and-trade program

Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) posted on the Environmental Registry, September 14, 2015, notice of proposed amendments to O. Reg....
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Ontario Society of Professional Engineers support cap-and-trade program

A new report says Ontario's proposed cap-and-trade program can reduce emissions while accelerating low-carbon investment, innovation and job creation.
photo of a biogas digester

How accurate are greenhouse gas emission estimates for the wastewater and sour gas sectors?

Canadian regulatory jurisdictions and international institutions have guidelines on calculating reportable emissions of greenhouse gases. Yet are they accurate?
Smoke from a pipe on a background of blue sky

Cap-and-Trade comes to Quebec

Quebec will hold its first sale of carbon allowances on Sep. 22, 2015. Firms will have the opportunity to buy units to meet the cap-and-trade deadline.
Lallemand treatment basin

New odour control system allows yeast plant to re-open

The plant's wastewater treatment basin was the major odour source, releasing aerosolized sodium selenite, a robust and smelly inorganic compound.

Past, present and future of the environmental service industry

The environmental service industry has changed tremendously. It is no longer a service that is exclusively offered by consulting engineers.

Growing by leaps and bounds: Poland’s environmental industry

Billions are being invested into transport, environment and energy in Poland. Yet, it still faces high ozone, nitrogen dioxide and particulate pollution.
Picture of biogas pressure vessel and flare

Study identifies significant benefits to Canadian biogas development

Biogas is a "good news" sustainability story for farmers, municipalities, food processors and for quality of life and the environment.

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