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Canada passes climate bill with goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050

Environmental action groups are describing the passage of Bill C-12 as providing a climate accountability framework for Canada’s leaders to meet the country’s greenhouse...

Monitoring solvent emissions to ensure VOC compliance

VOCs are released from industrial activities that utilize organic chemicals such as solvents, as well as from engines and incinerators that burn organic materials and fuels.

B.C. sets new near-term GHG target as pandemic forces carbon cut

After British Columbia’s Environment Minister found the path to its 2030 emission targets to be more challenging than he first thought, the province has...
Sampling Chippewa Lake

Israeli-made algaecide making strides in fight against toxic algal blooms

Proprietary algaecide developed by Israeli-based cleantech company is creating significant drops in toxic cyanobacteria species that contaminates lakes worldwide.
Nasal Ranger

Careful selection of odour assessment methodologies is important for accuracy

Odour assessment methods are divided into two categories: assessments at potential sources, and ambient assessments at affected areas, which are usually residential areas located close to potential odour sources. There is no standard method for odour assessment, but it can include, or be a combination of, several approaches.

Many cities under pandemic lockdown recording 40% drops in air pollution

Air pollution levels are dropping at unprecedented rates with multiple studies revealing a drastic drop in PM2.5 pollution for most global locations under pandemic...
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New fluid bed municipal biosolids incinerator and dryer meet updated emission limits

The Green Bay WWTP went through a major solids handling upgrade. This included two anaerobic digesters and a new cold wind-box fluid bed incineration system.

Challenging the bleak climate forecast for Georgian Bay

An in-depth review of actual and historical government weather station records for locations around Georgian Bay.
overview of highway intersection traffic

Air pollutants study offers recommendations to fight rise in Canada’s diesel truck traffic

A new report has a series of recommendations for Canadian cities to battle air pollution, stemming not only from a growth in major roadway...

Wildfires in Alberta, Manitoba trigger air quality warnings

Smoky conditions from wildfires in portions of Manitoba and Alberta have led to special air quality warnings from Environment Canada.  As of late last week,...

Air pollution could mean three-month shorter life expectancy for Canadians, study claims

A new study suggests that average worldwide life expectancy has dropped one year and eight months due to the effects of air pollution, with...

Nova Scotia grants controversial year-long pilot for Lafarge to burn tires as fuel

Nova Scotia’s Environment Department has greenlighted a controversial one-year pilot project at a Lafarge Canada Inc. cement plant in Brookfield, N.S., to burn tires...

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