Products & Services Showcase – 44th Edition

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ACO Stormbrixx™

Robust Underground Stormwater Management System from ACO

ACO Stormbrixx™ is a robust underground stormwater management system designed to manage excess stormwater runoff on a developed site, often in an urban setting. Its versatility allows it to be used in applications across all construction environments as a standalone solution or as part of a Low Impact Development project.

Aquatic Aeration Solutions – F.O.G.

The Solution to F.O.G. Buildup

Fats, oils, and greases (F.O.G.) from problematic waste streams (restaurants, food processing plants, breweries, etc.) can accumulate in lift stations causing blockage caps and corrosive buildup. Common problems include: Clogged flow within the wet well; Foul odours; Corrosive buildup; Equipment failure and downtime; Increased maintenance. HydraForce is the solution. By creating continuous water movement within the wet well, material is kept in suspension preventing clogs and buildup, while allowing the lift station to efficiently pump water to the next stage in the wastewater treatment process.

Blue-White Industries – CHEM-FEED MD1 pump

Significantly Reduce the Risk of Vapour Lock with the Built-in ADV

The Automatic Degassing Valve (ADV) system is a standard feature on the Blue-White® CHEM-FEED® MD1 multi-diaphragm chemical feed pumps. This exclusive technology eliminates the risk of vapour lock and the need for external degassing components. The ADV makes it possible to achieve reliable liquid metering for the most demanding applications.

Ducks Unlimited Canada – conservation solutions

Conservation Solutions by Ducks Unlimited Canada

Backed by 85 years of conservation and research leadership, Ducks Unlimited Canada’s consulting division is your expert partner for water and land management solutions! We incorporate natural habitats into working landscapes to create naturalized systems and to restore, remediate or reclaim altered landscapes to meet environmental regulations, improve efficiency and enrich communities.

Force Flow Chemical Monitor

Chemical Monitor from Force Flow

The Wizard 4000™ advanced multi-channel indicator monitors any chemical in your treatment plant. Using our scales or ultrasonic sensors with your tanks and cylinders, the Wizard will display amount remaining, amount used, daily used, feed rate, days until empty and other critical data. Outputs include 4-20mA, MODBUS serial communication and control and alarm relays.

IPEX NovaForm™

NovaForm™ PVC-based Structural Liner from IPEX

NovaForm™, a PVC-based structural liner from IPEX, allows municipalities to repair their failing infrastructure while respecting the environment. With NovaForm, capturing and treating contaminated curing liquid is a thing of the past. As an engineered thermoplastic, NovaForm is installed using steam, and the only jobsite discharge is water.

York Fluid Controls ITM 7000 integrated tote mixer

Tote Mixer from York Fluid Controls Handles Diversity of Liquids

York Fluid Controls offers the ITM 7000 integrated tote mixer for plastic totes. Built to optimize quality assurance, this tote mixer allows the user to mix common settling and separation problems in new products in plastic totes, using a uniquely engineered fully collapsible impeller. A key advantage of the ITM 7000 is the wide diversity of liquids that it can mix.