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Study finds involving the public in water policies is key to successful municipal water...

Informing residents about local water issues and involving them in local water policies are the keys to building healthy and resilient city water systems,...
Trenching to install a new large water transmission main

Saint John using orthophosphate to stabilize leaky pipe scale

Saint John City Council in New Brunswick has agreed to use an orthophosphate treatment system to resolve problems that have occured after it switched...

Advanced pump station monitoring provides real-time data for performance analysis

Volucalc, a device from Canadian manufacturer Maid Labs, makes use of very simple information available in the pumping station to collect data and alarm the operator if anything goes wrong.

Geosmin in lake water may be the cause of unpalatable fish

Geosmin has a very low taste and odour threshold. The human nose and palate can detect its presence in water at very low concentrations of parts per billion.

New mixers help optimize drinking water plant’s coagulation, flocculation processes

During the expansion of a large municipal drinking water treatment plant, 18 INVENT Hyperclassic Evolution7 mixers and 3 Cyberpitch mixers were installed.

New plant solved Saddle Lake Cree Nation’s water quality issues

As of July 2017, there were 102 long-term (over a year) and 48 short-term water advisories in place at First Nations across Canada. Some communities in Alberta have been under such advisories for many years.

Fibre optic SCADA networks now an economical option for small water plant projects

By Connor Campbell and Graham Nasby In recent years, the cost of fibre optic cabling has dropped considerably. What used to be cost prohibitive is...

Ontario funds training for widely uncertified First Nation water system operators

Just one month after the Ontario government announced $1.8 million to provide additional training for First Nation drinking water system operators, a November 2017...

New report: Building capacity among small water systems in BC

Approximately, 15% of BC water users receive their water from one of over 4,500 small water systems around the province. Yet, many of these small...

Unintended consequences of municipal water conservation

Indoor residential water conservation can have unintended consequences in places where wastewater reuse has been implemented, diminishing both the quantity and quality of influent...

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