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Simple chlorination device cuts child diarrhea by almost a quarter in urban Bangladesh

A novel water treatment device that delivers chlorine automatically via public taps without the need for electricity, was able to reduce child diarrhea by...
Filtration system

Water system optimization helps Blueberry River First Nation

Blueberry River First Nation sought help to increase the quality and quantity of drinking water that its water treatment plant could produce, until a new plant could be designed and constructed.

Water and wastewater infrastructure challenges in a changing climate

The water industry is on the front line of the climate crisis. Water underpins agriculture, industry and sanitation and is essential for our daily...
Clean Verification unit

Ontario company invents new machine to clean produce and kill pathogens

The method uses ultraviolet light and vaporized hydrogen peroxide to kill 99% of pathogens and can increase the shelf life of produce.

Air stripping can remove VOCs, THMs and CO2 to improve drinking water quality

Air stripping is gaining traction within the drinking water industry to address volatile organic compounds, dissolved CO2 and disinfection by-products.
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Providing healthy drinking water could be the innovation opportunity of this century

Drinking water infrastructure in Canada faces a number of challenges including asset replacement and rehabilitation, non-revenue water, insufficient consumer rates and more. However, there...

Switching to continuous water quality analyzers offers numerous opportunities

By continually monitoring water quality throughout the treatment process, online analyzers offer a number of cost-saving benefits including: reduced failures and maintenance issues; reduced...

Two Ontario first nations declare states of emergency over DBPs in water

Two Ontario First Nations reserves issued state of emergency declarations in early July over potentially harmful levels of trihalomethanes (THMs) in their water. The Attawapiskat...
City of Halifax waterfront

Atlantic wastewater and water design to embed climate resilience

Canada's Department of Natural Resources has announced an investment of $318,000 over three years to embed climate change adaptation into design guidelines for municipal...
Lake Erie algal bloom

Ontario targets phosphorus from runoff as algal bloom season begins

As summer starts, Canada is reminded of its continuing struggle with blue-green algae. But in Ontario, The Thames River Phosphorus Reduction Collaborative is installing...

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UBC students win WEF award for airport de-icing runoff treatment system

Four students from the University of British Columbia are winners of the Water Environment Federation’s 2019 Student Design Competition for their Vancouver International Airport...