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Manitoba to improve health of lakes and waterways with stronger watershed management

The Manitoba government has introduced new proposed legislation aimed at strengthening watershed management in the province through measures that would include protecting wetlands, improving...

IJC calls on governments to set specific targets to accelerate Great Lakes restoration

In its First Triennial Assessment of Progress under the 2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, the International Joint Commission calls on Canada and the...
Geukensia demissa atlantic ribbed mussel

Using shellfish to clean up excess nutrients and pollution from water bodies

Shellfish aquaculture is gaining acceptance as a method to remove excess nutrients and contaminants from coastal and estuarine waters, says a recent report. Excess nutrients such...
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Drinking water system owner fined for submitting false information to the MOECC

The owner of a non-municipal year-round residential drinking water system has been fined for submitting false information to Ontario's Ministry of the Environment and...

ECO says ‘muscle and metrics’ needed to reverse Ontario’s algal bloom trend

If Ontario hopes to reverse current trends of harmful algal blooms, it needs a guiding principle around stormwater management states a new ECO report.

Artificial sweeteners in groundwater indicate contamination from septic systems

The presence of artificial sweeteners in rural groundwater shows evidence of groundwater contamination by local septic system wastewater,  according to researchers from the University...

Using aquifers for water storage and withdrawal during higher demand periods

Municipalities and other government agencies are investigating methods to collect and store sufficient water for public distribution and consumption, including storage in underground aquifers. One...

Manitoba expands flood-risk mapping project

Manitoba will be adding vital flood information to its flood mapping inventory for three of its priority watersheds in the Assiniboine River and Lake...
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Stephenfield water treatment plant completed two months ahead of schedule

Completion of the Stephenfield Regional Water Treatment Plant expansion project, in southern Manitoba, was announced on October 20, 2017, approximately two months ahead of...

Arsenic exposure in U.S. drinking water declines following new EPA regulations

New research found that arsenic exposure in drinking water was significantly reduced among Americans using public water systems following the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)...

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