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Part one of two-part microplastics ban took effect on Canada Day

A comprehensive ban that removes most microbeads from store shelves took effect in Canada on July 1, but there are some exceptions, meaning that...
Angela Gardiner talking to media

Saskatoon facing $1.5M remediation bill for contamination of fire hydrants

The City of Saskatoon is facing a $1.5 million remediation bill to address the discovery of hydrocarbons found in at least two neighbourhood’s fire...
view of Split Lake

First Nations drinking water advisories coming and going under federal push

Indigenous Services Canada says 62 long-term drinking water advisories have been lifted over the last two years. However, 33 new advisories have been added.
faro mine

Yukon nears end of public consult for Faro mine remediation

Remediation of Faro Mine in the Yukon, once the largest open pit lead-zinc mine in the world, is estimated to take 15-years and $590-million.

Freshwater oil spill study underway at Ontario’s Experimental Lakes facility

As part of a study, scientists are deliberately spilling oil to determine the impacts of diluted bitumen on freshwater systems.

New system can recover fresh water from power plants

A new system could provide a low-cost source of drinking water for parched cities around the world while also cutting power plant operating costs.
Hydro-Guard® HG-8 automated flushing device

Cape Breton significantly cuts down on non-revenue water use

By Jeff Jensen The Cape Breton Regional Municipal (CBRM) Water Utility in Nova Scotia supplies potable water to a population of 81,000, which is distributed...
Groundwater instrument

Choosing the right groundwater model can help ensure an adequate water supply

It is more important than ever to understand what types of water resources and challenges are presented beneath any type of development.
Mixing Zequanox at the DeCew II Generating Station to fight zebra and quagga mussels

Using biological control for invasive zebra and quagga mussels

Zebra and quagga mussels have degraded ecosystems, inhibited recreation and wreaked havoc on drinking, irrigation and industries dependent on surface water.
C10 Module

Manitoba Hydro evaluates options for generation stations’ potable water systems

Water hauling, microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration were considered in choosing water treatment options for remote generating stations.

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Walkerton Clean Water Centre increases its pilot testing capacity

Walkerton Clean Water Centre (WCWC) has announced that fluidized bed ion exchange has been added to its line-up of pilot-scale testing technologies.