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Vancouver-based study measures extent of aquatic pollution from microfibers in laundry

Laundry machines in Canada and the U.S can release upwards of 878 tonnes of microfibres to the aquatic environment each year following wastewater treatment,...
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BC First Nation wants Canadian reserves to join legal challenge for safe drinking water

A group of First Nations has announced the launch of a new campaign to affirm First Nations' human right to safe drinking water in...

City of Brandon’s $18.5M upgrades set to begin at water treatment plant

The first phase of a multi-year $18.5-million upgrade for the City of Brandon’s municipal water treatment facility in Manitoba is set to begin next...

City of Kitchener wins water award for four conservation projects

The Region of Waterloo has presented the City of Kitchener with a Water Efficiency Excellence Award for four water conservation projects undertaken from 2015...

City of Ottawa moving forward with rebate for lead pipe replacement program

City of Ottawa homeowners with lead water pipes that connect to non-lead city pipes are now eligible for a rebate of up to $1,000,...

New PFAS report urges lawmakers to clean up polluted sites to protect Great Lakes

A new National Wildlife Federation report in the U.S. is calling on lawmakers to step up water protection against contamination from the large group...
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Ontario First Nation celebrates new water systems on Manitoba border

First Nation residents of Ontario-based Shoal Lake 40 are celebrating the groundbreaking of a new water treatment and distribution system that will end seven...

Canadian water policy yet to emerge from most parties as election nears

With Canada's federal election less than two months away, more questions are being asked around parties’ environmental policies, and in particular, their policy plans...

Human health impact from microplastics in drinking water needs further study, WHO finds

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reviewed 50 studies that examine the presence of microplastics, particularly in drinking water. But the review has found...

Risk modelling for critical pipeline assets

As water distribution assets continue to deteriorate and cities continue to grow, more utilities are using risk models to plan their water pipe replacement...

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