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International Joint Commission Lake Ontario tour

Lake Ontario water levels break 2017 record as we approach ‘new normal’

As the calendar turned to June, Lake Ontario broke its all-time water level record, reaching heights of 75.90 metres and surpassing the record total...

Canada’s new manganese guideline value among the lowest in the world

Health Canada has issued two guideline values this month for manganese in drinking water. Manganese is an essential element for humans that occurs naturally in...

Estimating remaining lifespans for pit cast iron watermains using acoustical findings

By Rabia Mady The North American water industry operates a water distribution network with a significant portion of aging, pit cast iron (CI) infrastructure. A...
Boat launch

Zebra mussels in Manitoba’s waterways are a cause for concern

Potential impacts include changes to ecological environment, negative effects on local economy, and severe fouling of water infrastructure.
Craik water tanks

Saskatchewan town celebrates after ending water woes

Most of the 400 residents in the Saskatchewan Town of Craik spent May 2 celebrating with food and music over the news that a...

Calgary’s new source water protection task forces study wildfires, reservoir risks

Fear that a wildfire west of Calgary could wash burned material into rivers and contaminate the drinking water supply is the focus for one...

Lake Ontario communities fear return to 2017 water levels

Communities along Lake Ontario will need to exercise caution around shoreline areas that are flooding or eroding at levels not seen since 2017, but...

Regina ramps up lead service connection replacements for 2019

The Saskatchewan City of Regina says it is making inroads to replace the city-owned side of lead service connections, with just 3,600 remaining, less...

Municipalities wanted for new water loss testing project

By Fabian Papa and Bradley Jenks In recognition of the intrinsic connection between water supply and energy consumption, and more particularly the needless use of...
aquatic invasive species

Federal watchdog warns Canada is ill prepared for aquatic invasive species

A spring report from the environmental watchdog for Parliament warns that Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and the Canada Border Services Agency have not...

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