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Samsung turns to wastewater to meet growing water demands from semiconductor market

With the amount of water required by Samsung Semiconductor expected to more than double by 2030, the South Korean multinational manufacturing conglomerate has formed...
fluoride toothpaste water

Global supply chain issues delay Calgary’s reintroduction of fluoride to drinking water

Global supply chain issues are once again causing delays around creating the infrastructure necessary for the City of Calgary to reintroduce fluoride into its...

Dalhousie partners with Atlantic First Nations Water Authority to create new path forward

A new $4.3-million federal grant will allow Dalhousie University to support  the Atlantic First Nations Water Authority (AFNWA) to successfully deliver its mandate as...
E.L Smith

EPCOR shares follow-up report on electrical damage that shut down Edmonton WTP

In an incident follow-up to municipal officials in Edmonton, EPCOR’s plant director at the E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant said that it took a...
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Violations lead Alberta village to consider geotechnical investigation of wastewater lagoon issues 

Municipal officials in the Alberta village of Big Valley want to undertake a geotechnical inspection of its wastewater lagoon, following alleged violations that date...

Mandatory downspout disconnection programs could be a simple and cost-effective solution to I/I problems

Norton Engineering has developed an efficient and cost-effective solution to finally get these illegal, outdated connections eliminated.
Circuit Riders

Circuit Riders support water systems and water supply for communities in Northern Manitoba

A collaboration between operators, ATAP trainers, and government staff results in the creation of a tailored plan which aids operators in acquiring certification.
DPR water treatment consists of many stages, including primary, secondary, and sometimes tertiary wastewater treatment

Perfecting wastewater pretreatment for direct potable reuse

In order to ensure the highest quality water, DPR systems often use ultrafiltration membranes in place of a tertiary wastewater treatment, or as a pretreatment before storage.
Toronto Western Hospital

Toronto’s new wastewater energy project could be first of many as partners share experience

Property owners and energy developers in Toronto can use an existing online map to determine whether a sewer is in the vicinity of their site for a wastewater energy project.
constructed wetland

Wetland constructed at Moncton snow disposal facility to protect waterways

Overall, results show a reduction in chloride levels between 66% to 93% when comparing water samples from the inlet and outlet of the wetland.
PFAS Contamination of Drinking Water - Alertness about dangerous PFAS per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances presence in potable water - Concept with magnifying glass.

US EPA issues final PFAS rule for drinking water after year of consultation

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized its national standard for PFAS limits in drinking water, making it the newest contaminant to face...
Thames River

Ontario hands down $266K in fines for stormwater infrastructure failure that polluted Thames River

An Ontario real estate development company, its president, a consulting firm, and its general manager, have been fined a total of $266,000 in relation...

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