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New potable water treatment system for a northern Quebec village

To supply the remote Quebec village of Kuujjuaq with safe drinking water, a $3 million project upgraded the existing treatment plant and pumping station....

Anti-stagnation valves can cut water system energy costs

Hamilton Water is one of the largest energy users in the city and has started to implement measures to decrease electricity costs. A pilot...

Drinking water treatment for compounds of emerging concern

Managing compounds of emerging concern and disinfection byproducts are driving a shift beyond conventional water treatment technologies. In the past three decades there has...

Acoustic velocity testing for watermain assessment

Peel Region in Ontario, Canada, conducted an acoustic velocity testing pilot study to identify sections of watermain pipeline that have reduced structural strength, without...

Helping companies face water supply costs and scarcity

Water scarcity is not a far off-specter. It is here today and industry is not doing enough to change course and get ready. Tackling...
Quebec river photo

Quebec targets hydro plant’s dissolved gas for fish death events

The Quebec Ministry of the Environment has accused a Masson-Angers based hydroelectric plant of being responsible for a series of fish deaths in the...
Okanagan Indian Band

BC Okanagan Indian Band suing feds over drinking water ‘failure’

British Columbia’s Okanagan Indian Band is suing the federal government over what it alleges to be a "failure to ensure the safety of drinking...

Global study warns of declining calcium levels in freshwater lakes

Calcium levels integral to the reproduction and survival of many aquatic organisms in Europe and eastern North American freshwater lakes are declining towards critically...
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Alberta contractor charged after failing to remove creek-damaging bridge

Alberta has laid Water Act charges against a contracting firm that ignored an order filed by the province last October to remove a bridge...

BC leadership ‘waned’ on water protection, auditor general warns

British Columbia’s Ministry of Health and its Provincial Health Officer are not taking the actions needed to protect or adequately report on drinking water...

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UBC students win WEF award for airport de-icing runoff treatment system

Four students from the University of British Columbia are winners of the Water Environment Federation’s 2019 Student Design Competition for their Vancouver International Airport...