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central water point in Alaskan community

The search for lower cost water sources in the Arctic

The search continues for technology with lower costs for water systems in the far north, including decentralized wastewater technology and water re-use technology.
level control panel diagram

Automation helps maintain water tank levels and prevent freezing in colder climates

The two key factors for water storage are to ensure the tank maintains the correct level and that there is water turnover to protect water quality. In colder climates, low tank turnover can lead to water freezing within it.
Lake Geraldine reservoir

Addressing Iqaluit’s water emergency with innovative engineering, ecosystem protection

At risk of an over-winter water shortage each year, Iqaluit, Nunavut, has begun to study the feasibility of additional sources and storage of water, with the aim of implementing a permanent additional supply to Lake Geraldine by 2026.

Cloud-based alarm and monitoring systems cut costs, improve productivity

Cloud-based alarms and monitoring systems for water and wastewater treatment infrastructure can span a larger service area at a lower cost compared to traditional landlines.
Dawson City Water Treatment Plant Interior

Dawson City’s new water plant designed with resilience in mind

Design of a new water treatment plant for Dawson City had to take into account the risk of ice damming and flooding from the...

First Nations drinking water advisories lifted and added with new year underway

Recently for Canadian First Nation reserves, two short-term and one long-term drinking water advisory were lifted, while the status of three ongoing drinking water...
Congressional PFAS Task Force

U.S. PFAS Bill passes House, but faces major hurdle in Senate

The House of Representatives passed the PFAS Action Act, to protect the environment and clean up areas affected by PFAS, but it must now pass the Senate.
Manitoba’s Watershed Districts Map

Manitoba shifts to new system that allows for better watershed planning

Manitoba’s new Watershed Districts Act has transitioned 18 provincial conservation districts to 14 new watershed districts with boundaries based on watersheds. Proclaimed on January 1,...

Understanding the effects of melting glaciers on drinking water

A new project at the University of Alberta aims to provide insight into the current and future quality of drinking water in western Canada,...

Cornwall says cities need protection from Ontario legislation that could increase water contamination risk

The Ontario City of Cornwall wants municipalities to be legally protected if the provincial government makes a decision that could negatively impact water quality. Councillor...

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