Walkerton Clean Water Centre increases its pilot testing capacity


The Walkerton Clean Water Centre (WCWC) has announced that a new pilot-scale water treatment technology has been added to its Technology Demonstration Facility.

WCWC is an agency of the Government of Ontario, established in 2004, to coordinate and provide education, training and information to drinking water system owners, operators and operating authorities, and the public, in order to safeguard the province’s drinking water.

WCWC’s new fluidized bed ion exchange is specifically designed to remove organics to control disinfection by-products. According to WCWC, organic reduction is one of the top requests for pilot testing from drinking water systems, and this new equipment will allow it to increase its capacity for pilot testing.

Pilot testing provides relevant and customized information to enhance the understanding of source water, treatment processes and alternative treatment options. Through bench and pilot-scale testing, WCWC can support drinking water systems by comparing several treatment options.

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WCWC said it is currently working on a number of pilot testing projects. These projects are focused on controlling organics and disinfection by-products, iron and manganese, inorganics and coagulation optimization.

Results of these projects are shared with clients and a summary report is added to WCWC’s Drinking Water Resource Library. The Library is a free online portal that assists operators in finding information on various drinking water topics.

Along with the fluidized bed ion exchange, other WCWC pilot-scale water treatment equipment can be tested using a community’s raw water, either at WCWC or installed at a community’s water treatment plant.

Available pilot-scale treatment equipment includes: conventional treatment, dissolved air flotation, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, slow sand filtration, ozone and advanced oxidation processes, greensand filters, cartridge filters and ultraviolet light disinfection.

Learn more about the WCWC and its pilot testing services, visit: www.wcwc.ca


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