Imbrium Systems Jellyfish Filter receives New ISO 14034 ETV verification


Imbrium Systems announced the receipt of a new ISO 14034 ETV Verification for its Jellyfish® Filter stormwater treatment technology today.

According to Imbrium, this latest verification is for exceptional Total Suspended Solids (TSS)  and Total Phosphorus treatment performance demonstrated in field testing conducted in accordance with the Washington State Department of Ecology TAPE protocol. This is the second ISO 14034 ETV verification for Jellyfish Filter field testing performance, with the earlier verification based on treatment demonstrated in field monitoring conducted in accordance with the TARP Tier II protocol.

“We’re pleased to receive this latest third-party verification for our updated Jellyfish Filter technology,” noted Imbrium Regulatory Manager Joel Garbon. “We’ve made improvements to the technology over the years since the first field test verification, and this is reflected in the treatment performance for TSS and Total Phosphorus, with median removal values of 90% and 77%, respectively.”

“Lab testing alone is insufficient when it comes to stormwater filtration technologies,” Garbon continued. “Real-world stormwater runoff contains a complex mixture of inorganic and organic pollutants and continuously varying water chemistry. Lab testing is typically performed with clean water and clean sand-like test sediment and does not mimic the dynamic and challenging pollutant characteristics and environmental conditions that will confront the technology in field conditions. We believe it is critical to demonstrate performance in the real world, and feedback from consultants and regulators consistently shows that they have more confidence in the technology that has performed well under the rigors of actual urban installation sites.”

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About the Jellyfish Filter

The Jellyfish Filter combines gravitational pretreatment (sedimentation and floatation) and high flow rate membrane filtration in a single compact structure. When maintenance is required, the membrane filter cartridges are typically rinsed and re-commissioned, unlike filter systems that use granular media that must be disposed of after each maintenance.

GLOBE Performance Solutions conducted the ISO 14034 ETV verification in collaboration with the Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies, which provided the technical expertise. The Verification Statement is posted on the Canadian ETV website.

Information about Imbrium Systems portfolio of stormwater treatment technologies, including Jellyfish® Filter, Stormceptor®, and Filterra®, can be found at Imbrium’s website.


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