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AquaTECTURE announces investment in Real Tech


Water and wastewater investment company aquaTECTURE announced on November 13, 2018, an investment partnership with Real Tech Inc., a real-time sensor and monitoring company based in Whitby, Ontario.

Los Angeles-based aquaTECTURE is a privately held, multi-strategy firm focused on the water and wastewater sector. The firm provides turnkey drinking water and wastewater systems, including design, engineering, construction, contracting and operations.

Real Tech markets a variety of spectrophotometric analyzers which provide real-time, continuous scanning for contaminants and compounds across a wide range of complex applications.

According to Real Tech CEO and founder Jodie Glover, “aquaTECTURE’s unique profile as a strategic investor in the water space, along with our shared values, makes them the perfect partner for helping accelerate Real Tech’s vision of advancing how water is managed.”

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Both Real Tech and aquaTECTURE predict that the water sector will need to adopt new technologies and practices in the coming years to ensure water supplies are properly managed and safe.

“The water sector is in the early stages of a major transformation. Both municipal and industrial players will be forced to adopt advanced technologies in order to ensure safer and more reliable supplies of drinking water to the communities they serve,” said Devin Sloane, aquaTECTURE’s general manager and CEO. “We believe technologies such as Real Tech’s optical analyzers can do exactly that, while minimizing unintended releases to the environment and, ultimately, reducing costs to rate payers.”

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