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Biogas safety

Effectively ensuring safety in biogas facilities

While hazardous gases should be treated seriously, they are not the only safety hazard to consider in biogas facilities.

Buffer zone monitoring strategies to detect leachate in groundwater

Ideally, any contaminant plume that emerges from a landfill should be detected and controlled within its buffer zone.

Ottawa hosts global treaty meetings to fight plastic pollution as innovation funding released

Nine small and medium-sized Canadian companies will each receive up to $150,000 to develop sustainable and cost-effective solutions to help better reuse plastics or...
robot arm moving plastic bottle to conveyor belt of auto capping and labeling

Canada’s Federal Plastics Registry has far-reaching reporting obligations

By Talia Gordner, Julia Loney and Martin Thiboutot  On April 20, 2024, the Government of Canada published the final notice for the establishment of the...
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Two Ontario companies fined for improper waste management practices at Dresden disposal site

Numbered company 1230934 Ontario Limited and Waste Wood Disposal Ltd. have been fined for breaches of the Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA) and the...
organics collection

Edmonton weighs options to expand organics processing capacity

As the population grows in the City of Edmonton, and an organics collection program continues to roll out to apartments and condos, local officials...
Truck working in landfill with birds in the sky hroephoto

Ontario releases landfilling site violations now subject to fine

Following Ontario’s Environmental Protection Act amendment in late 2023 to fine landfills when non-compliance concerns arise, the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks...

Circular Economy Accelerator program reveals pilot results of guiding 16 BC businesses

Following a successful one-year pilot phase with 16 businesses in British Columbia, the Victoria-based Synergy Foundation’s Circular Economy Accelerator program identified 714 circular solutions...
epoxy resin stock image

UWaterloo researchers trap nanoplastics in activated carbon

Using a process called thermal decomposition, University of Waterloo researchers say they have converted epoxy into activated carbon to effectively remove 94% of nanoplastics...
Environmental ruling stock image

Single-use plastics ban remains in effect until appeal is heard

A federal court ruling in November proved a major challenge to the Liberal government’s single-use plastics ban, when it found it unconstitutional to add...
Waste Wise recycling

Saint John’s new curbside recycling program has strong first year

The New Brunswick City of Saint John has already made back some $500,000 of its $3-million capital investment in the first year of an...
evaporation process

Best practices for energy-efficient evaporation processes

When liquids evaporate, and materials which they contain in solution or suspension are left behind, this becomes a useful process to concentrate solutions or to help separate materials.

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