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Dealing with diapers – the dirty little secret of organics diversion

Accepting diapers as part of a source separated organics (SSO) program increases the participation rate, but does pose challenges and opportunities.
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Recycled content for paper packaging stays over 80% at Canadian mills, survey finds

A new survey that tracks Canada’s use of recycled content in paper packaging shows an average domestic recycled content rate of 80.2% for 2022....
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Hazardous waste update allows practical, affordable waste transport for remote B.C. areas

*The following regulatory news article is intended to be an overview of the report or legislation and not a replacement for the actual guidance...
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B.C. releases its own single-use plastic prevention regulation

British Columbia officials have added a new provincial single-use plastic prevention regulation that they say builds on the federal plan to cut plastic pollution...

Quebec’s new biochar plant set to be largest in North America

Canada’s first and largest industrial-scale biochar plant — an $80-million project capable of eventually sequestering 75,000 tonnes of carbon per year — is set...
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International Paper introduces Via filtration technology for energy savings at Alberta kraft pulp mill

New federal funding of $3.6 million will launch a collaboration between the International Paper Company and Via Separations Inc. for a first-of-its-kind filtration technology...

Study says bio-plastics need clearer language for biodegradable claims

The study found that biodegradable plastic in the form of polylactic acid (PLA) showed no signs of degradation even after more than a year in the ocean.

Canada winds down consultations on recycled content limits, better product labelling, new plastics registry

*The following regulatory news article is intended to be a preview of the legislation and not a replacement for the actual guidance from the...

Plastic coalition awaits ruling in court fight against federal ‘toxic’ designation

Lawyers for a corporate coalition on behalf of major plastics producers finished their arguments in court this month against the federal government's designation of...

BC recycling to cover more single-use plastic items as federal ban rolls out over...

British Columbia is filling in the timeline gaps under the new federal ban on some single-use plastics by increasing its flexibility to recycle single-use...

Canada unlikely to close plastic waste gap by 2030 target, says new report

Advocacy group Environmental Defence gave eight provinces and all three territories a failing grade in its report card that evaluated policies on plastic waste.

Durham cancels new anaerobic digestion plant over soaring supply chain costs

As supply chain costs continue to balloon, Durham Region officials have pulled the plug on the procurement process to build a $200-million mixed waste...

The impact of Ontario’s new blue box regulation

Producers are facing enhanced extended producer responsibility throughout the life cycles of their products, which, under the regulation, means additional blue box fees, reporting categories, as well as reporting deadlines

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