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flow and level sensors

Seamless integration of all devices is necessary in a digital environment

In the context of Industry 4.0, sensors and control systems are becoming the ears and the heartbeat of processes across all industries. Advancements of...
tap water

Editorial comment: Why do we continue unquestioningly to artificially fluoridate our drinking water?

By George Pastoric Many wonderful slogans are used by Water Environment Federation and American Water Works Association chapters throughout North America and Canada, acknowledging the...
concrete damaged by microbial induced corrosion

Combating microbial induced concrete corrosion at wastewater plants

Microbial induced concrete corrosion in sewage and water treatment systems is a "natural enemy" of conventional plants, frequently causing damage to concrete and metal...

World Water Day celebrates Green Infrastructure

World Water Day 2018 is dedicated to Nature for Water, a concept that explores nature-based solutions for water challenges in the 21st century.
Trenching to install a new large water transmission main

Saint John using orthophosphate to stabilize leaky pipe scale

Saint John City Council in New Brunswick has agreed to use an orthophosphate treatment system to resolve problems that have occured after it switched...

Advanced pump station monitoring provides real-time data for performance analysis

Volucalc, a device from Canadian manufacturer Maid Labs, makes use of very simple information available in the pumping station to collect data and alarm the operator if anything goes wrong.

Geosmin in lake water may be the cause of unpalatable fish

Geosmin has a very low taste and odour threshold. The human nose and palate can detect its presence in water at very low concentrations of parts per billion.

Ontario funds training for widely uncertified First Nation water system operators

Just one month after the Ontario government announced $1.8 million to provide additional training for First Nation drinking water system operators, a November 2017...

U.S. firm Parsons wins bid to complete Giant Mine clean up in NWT

U.S.-based engineering services firm, Parsons Inc., has won the latest remediation contract surrounding the cleanup of arsenic trioxide waste at Yellowknife’s Giant Mine in...

StatCan seeks wastewater analyzer to gauge cannabis use

It isn’t new to test municipal wastewater for nitrogen, phosphorus or chemical oxygen demand, but using wastewater to gauge drug use among the public...

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Stormwater ponds not a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, study...

Stormwater ponds, a ubiquitous feature in developed landscapes worldwide, are not a significant source of climate-warming nitrous oxide, a new study finds.