Halton becomes first Canadian municipality to win AWWA drinking water quality award


A commitment to improvement at water purification plants in Burlington, Burloak and Oakville has led to Halton Region, Ontario, being selected as the first Canadian municipality to receive a First Year Directors’ Award for Water Treatment from the U.S.-based Partnership for Safe Water program.

Presented by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the international program is a collaboration of six drinking water organizations with a mission to improve water quality through the optimization of system operations.

Since Halton Region joined the program in 2016, its staff has learned processes and tools that optimized plant performance and drinking water. The partnership quickly put them on the road towards the 2020 award.

“Halton Region continually meets and exceeds provincial drinking water standards and this achievement is a testament to our track record,” Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr said in a statement.

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“The Partnership for Safe Water is an important part of our commitment to ensuring we continue to provide residents and businesses with reliable access to the best possible drinking water. I would like to commend our incredible water treatment team for this important accomplishment and thank them for their dedication to quality, continuous improvement and for delivering this critical service each and every day,” added Carr.

Halton Region operates 12 water treatment facilities and delivers over 65 million cubic metres of drinking water daily to some 580,000 residents. Its Burlington plant is the largest water treatment facility in the Region, with a rated capacity of 263 million litres per day.

“The Ontario Water Works Association commends the Region and its staff for their commitment to the Partnership, to its ongoing optimization efforts and to providing customers with the highest quality drinking water possible,” said Michele Grenier, executive director of the Ontario Water Works Association, the Ontario section of the AWWA.

Halton Region was among seven U.S. states honoured with a First Year Directors’ Award for Water Treatment in 2020. The states include: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Utah.

Currently, 250 water service providers and 400 treatment plants belong to the program. Partnership utilities receive recognition as they progress through the program’s phases and reach optimization milestones, demonstrating their commitment to improving water quality and protecting public health.


  1. Then after purifying our water to a very high standard we add the industrial waste from the phosphate fertilizer plants, Hydrofluorosilicic acid, complete with trace amounts of lead and arsenic. Fluoride is now know to be a neurotoxin, especially for in utero babies.
    How can a journal calling itself “The Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine” condone this practice?


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