World’s first wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence now available in Canada

Flygt Concertor is suitable for use with wastewater pumps in the range of up to 7.3 kilowatts.

Global water technology company Xylem, announced that has developed the world’s first wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence. This new smart, interconnected wastewater pumping system from Xylem’s Flygt brand senses the operating conditions of its environment, adapts its performance in real time and provides feedback to pumping station operators.

According to Xylem, field tests conducted around the world validated significant improvements with Flygt Concertor, including:

  • Clog-free pumping operation and clean wet wells saving up to 80% in station cleaning costs
  • Energy savings of up to 70% compared to a conventional pumping system
  • Reduced inventory by up to 80% due to flexible performance
  • Compact design, reducing cabinet size by up to 50%

Flygt Concertor is suitable for use with wastewater pumps in the range of up to 7.3 kilowatts (kW) and has a system design that combines IE4 motor efficiency, N-hydraulics, integrated power electronics and intelligent controls, said Xylem.

In contrast to the fixed performance curves of conventional pumps, Flygt Concertor offers a wide performance field from which to choose the right operating point, said Xylem. This makes selection extremely simple, facilitates performance fine-tuning and, as a consequence, significantly reduces inventory.

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Concertor also features a built-in sump and pipe-cleaning features – a first for a wastewater pumping system according to Xylem. Extensive trials show that these features, together with a second generation of Flygt’s patented Adaptive N-technology and an integrated pump-cleaning function, minimize vacuum cleaning costs. When tested at a pumping station in Heathrow Airport, Xylem said the combined performance of these functionalities successfully eliminated regular clogging issues and kept the sump clean.

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