Two-town $21.9M wastewater plant underway in Saskatchewan

White City and Emerald Park city councillors celebrate the start of construction on a new wastewater treatment plant that will serve both towns by the end of 2018.

Westridge Construction says January 2018 will mark the start of construction on Saskatchewan’s wastewater treatment plant for White City and Emerald Park, two towns just east of Regina.

Regina-based Westridge says it will connect the new system to the existing sewage lagoon system. Saskatchewan-based Living Sky Water Solutions will then provide the new wastewater treatment system within that new building. Living Sky Water Solutions, which manufactures locally in Regina, was selected from 14 firms during a tendering process in 2017.

According to its website, Living Sky Water Solutions says its process treats high volumes of wastewater without the use of chemicals or membranes. The company further describes its technology as taking less than 60 minutes to process. It says, “raw sewage is pumped from a lagoon into a series of chambers in the building at a rate of a 12 L/second. As it passes through these chambers, a low voltage electrical current is used to separate the contaminants from the water and they are removed. The water then passes through a media filter and, finally, through a disinfection process. The entire treatment process requires minimal energy input. The final result is a 99.99% reduction of pathogens producing a Class A product water which is safe for discharge or re-use applications. The byproduct is an inert compost material that is non-leachable and safe for landfill disposal. The system is unique in that it requires no membranes, filters, or other components prone to clogging.”

The $21.9 million project has been one decade in the making. White City and Emerald Park will pay a third of the cost, with the federal and provincial governments contributing the remaining two-thirds.

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“This project will also provide the capacity to accommodate growth in one of the fastest growing residential and commercial areas of the province,” said White City Councillor Cec Snyder in a statement.

The joint community currently consists of about 5,000 residents, but the new wastewater system is designed to handle up to 15,000.

The new facility is expected to be operational and serving area citizens by late 2018.

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