Endress+Hauser’s Waterpilot FMX11 hydrostatic level


With its Waterpilot FMX11, Endress+Hauser announces it is building on the proven benefits of hydrostatic level measurement of freshwater sources in the environmental industry.

Hydrostatic level measurement is particularly simple to install and maintain. The FMX11 offers simplicity of specification, purchase and installation as well as high accuracy (up to ±0.35%) and reliability at an attractive price point. Its robust construction assures a long-service life.

The FMX11 is well-suited for freshwater applications such as well, storage tanks, lakes and rivers, says Endress+Hauser. It can perform surface monitoring in rivers and lakes as well as level monitoring for drinking water production, for example in water towers, dams and gauging stations. Its compact size (22 mm diameter) makes it an excellent fit for applications in bore holes and small diameter stilling wells.

With drinking water certificates such as NSF-61, ACS, KTW and DVGW, the FMX11 meets regional regulatory requirements as well. The 4 to 20mA output makes the FMX11 easy to integrate into new or existing systems. All that’s required is to wire it into I/O and set the required span in the user’s control system. It can be ordered with flexible measuring ranges and cable lengths up to 30 metres.

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