Major corporate moves shake up environmental engineering sector


Two new corporate shuffles made headlines in recent weeks with Quebec-based Englobe’s acquisition of Alberta-based MPE Engineering Ltd., and the merger of Calder Engineering Ltd. and Ecometrix Inc., both based in Ontario.

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta, MPE has 11 offices from British Columbia to Manitoba. The multidisciplinary engineering consultancy specializes in municipal engineering, water resources, and building services.

Since December 2, MPE has been part of the Englobe team, serving to expand the company’s footprint in Western Canada. Englobe has 68 locations worldwide, with some 2,600 engineers, scientists, technicians and technical support staff. The company focuses on areas of soil/biomass treatment, quality management and asset integrity, and environmental engineering.

Englobe officials said that MPE’s “talented roster of professionals” will increase the company’s depth of expertise in municipal, water resources and buildings-focused engineering disciplines.

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Recently, Englobe won a Canadian Association of Consulting Engineering Companies award for its rehabilitation of contaminated soils in Block D, a parcel of land located on Cree Nation territory in Chisasibi, Quebec.

According to MPE, it has also developed strong relationships with a wide range of First Nation clients throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba over the past 35 years.

Calder Engineering and Ecometrix

Ecometrix, based in Mississauga, Ontario, already has a strong working relationship with Calder, dating back over 17 years to the initial establishment of both firms. Following the recent merger of operations, the companies will both operate under the Ecometrix Inc. name.

Calder provides specialized services for flow, water quality and weather monitoring.

Ecometrix is known for using an environmental intelligence framework that it says focuses on four important principles: Thought, Application, Solution and Communication. Among other notable projects in recent years, Ecometrix has made headlines for its work developing an E. coli control program for Toronto’s Portlands Energy Centre to minimize sanitary sewer overflows.


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