RPRA says audit procedures still in works for Ontario producers of batteries, hazardous products


Ontario’s Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority (RPRA) has announced that producers and producer responsibility organizations affiliated with batteries, IT, telecommunications, AV equipment, lighting, and hazardous and special products, will not have to submit a performance audit report in 2024 due to the ongoing development of audit procedures. 

RPRA says that it has retained BDO Canada LLP to develop audit procedures and is currently revising draft procedures to incorporate previous feedback received. The authority stated that it will post second drafts in 2024 for further consultation. 

Producers and producer responsibility organizations affiliated with batteries, IT, telecommunications, AV equipment, or lighting, are still expected to submit an annual supply and performance report in 2024, but not the audit. Initial performance audit reports under the new procedures are expected to be required in 2025. 

RPRA’s registry is now open for supply and performance reporting until April 30.  

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For RPRA’s hazardous and special products program, the authority will communicate requirements for performance audits in advance of the registry opening for annual reporting in summer 2024. Supply reporting is also not yet open for this program. 

RPRA will not require processors to submit a recycling efficiency rate (RER) verification report. However, processors are still required to input their annual RER in their performance report. 

Producers are also required to pay the 2024 program fee charged to recover costs for building and operating registries, providing service to registrants, and for compliance and enforcement activities under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016. 

RPRA has made slides and recordings of draft audit procedures available here.  

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