Water infrastructure upgrades slated for Quebec, Ontario communities


Significant water infrastructure projects in Quebec and Ontario received funding the week of December 7 from the federal government as investments in the protection of four communities’ critical infrastructure.

Quebec water projects

Water infrastructure projects in the Quebec regions of Desbiens and Saint-Nazaire will receive more than $918,000 in funding to ensure efficient water distribution and clean drinking water.

In Desbiens, a village of just over 1,000 people on the shores of Lac Saint-Jean, the project aims to extend the drinking water distribution system by about 1,500 metres to new homes in the Érables Road area.

Saint-Nazaire, with a population of just over 2,100 in the Lac-Saint-Jean region, is decommissioning its existing drinking water supply and distribution system in the Bouchard Street area, located in the west end of the municipality. Residences affected by this change will be connected to the distribution system of the neighbouring municipality of Alma through the installation of approximately 630 metres of water pipes.

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“Water is an essential asset in Quebec, and our government is taking concrete action to ensure it is properly managed,” announced Éric Girard, provincial member for Lac-Saint-Jean, in a statement to media.

Both municipalities are contributing over $229,000 for the implementation of these projects.

Ontario water projects

Ontario funding has been announced to upgrade the Greenway and Adelaide wastewater treatment plants in the City of London. The nearly $50-million work will include a flood barrier and an effluent pumping station to protect the facilities and reduce environmental impacts to the Thames River, Lake Erie and neighbouring communities, a federal statement announced.

In 2012, the Greenway plant decided to replace its belt presses with Flottweg centrifuges.

January 2020 saw record rainfall in the area and led to extreme flooding along the Thames River, causing a significant strain on London’s wastewater and stormwater systems.

Lastly, the Ontario municipality of Tweed has received $4.4 million for upgrades to its wastewater lagoons. The project involves replacing an existing drainage ditch with 1,100 metres of new covered pipe, creating an additional 2.8 hectares of wastewater storage, and upgrading the lagoon’s aeration system.

“The Municipality of Tweed has been working for well over a decade at improving our wastewater treatment system,” announced Tweed Mayor Jo-Anne Albert. “The Green Infrastructure Stream funding will allow us to proceed with the expansion and upgrades which will benefit all residents of the community,” added Albert, who represents the community of more than 6,000 residents.

Video: Tweed wastewater funding announcement


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