Veolia donates new ultrafiltration membrane pilot units to Walkerton Clean Water Centre


Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions has donated two new ultrafiltration membrane pilot units to the Walkerton Clean Water Centre’s (WCWC) technology demonstration facility for training and pilot testing projects. 

Veolia also donated membrane filtration pilot units to the demonstration facility in 2006, when the facility first opened, to support Ontario’s drinking water professionals. 

“Across our partnership that spans nearly 20 years, we’ve seen the important work the WCWC does to explore water treatment for underserved rural and First Nations communities and train the next generation of water experts,” announced Greg Brickett, VP of the ZeeWeed membrane business line at Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions. 

Not only is the demonstration facility a popular resource of information for drinking water professionals, it also provides technical tours for training participants and other students to learn about various technologies and operational requirements necessary to ensure that drinking water is safe. 

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Brian Bates, WCWC’s CEO, noted that the small size of the new membrane filtration pilot units frees up space in the facility and could facilitate deployment to more remote communities. 

“These types of public-private partnerships enable WCWC to deliver training on the most up-to-date technologies for Ontario’s operators without additional funds from the Ontario government, further safeguarding Ontario’s drinking water supply. We are very appreciative of Veolia’s generous donation,” Bates announced in a statement.

MPP for Huron-Bruce, Lisa Thompson, as well as Ontario Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, Andrea Khanjin, both thanked Veolia for the donation. 

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