Region of Peel working to update Water & Wastewater Master Plan


Ontario’s Region of Peel has initiated a study of a new Water and Wastewater Master Plan for its lake-based systems to update its 2013 version (PDF).

With Lake Ontario being the source of drinking water and the discharge point for treated wastewater, the plan update primarily aims to identify a preferred lake-based water and wastewater servicing strategy to support existing servicing needs and projected growth for the region.

“The study will incorporate the latest planning information, modelling tools, historical flow/demand data and servicing studies to complete a full review and update of the servicing strategies,” city officials said in a recent notice about the Master Plan update, which clarifies that the study area for the new plan includes the City of Mississauga, the City of Brampton and parts of the Town of Caledon.

The study will also review the Region’s capital plan to meet the current servicing agreements with York Region and the City of Toronto.


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Last month, Peel Region held a public information meeting to present the preliminary preferred water and wastewater servicing strategies and collect feedback and input on the strategies. Since a public consultation in 2018, the Region completed reviews of the natural, social and economic environments associated with each of the strategies. The Region states its current preferred strategy “maximizes the use of existing water transmission mains and treatment infrastructure as it builds on existing and planned transmission and distribution infrastructure.” Officials add that there would be “strategic oversizing of infrastructure, where justified, to support growth beyond 2041.”

Region officials are predicting a 40% increase in population by 2041, resulting in 2.94 million residents. The new Master Plan must determine how the Region’s water and wastewater infrastructure will support growth in a sustainable and financially responsible manner.

Officials expect to have a final plan ready by February 2020. Learn more about the Master Plan update here.


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