Niagara Region wins best tasting tap water in Ontario


Through the diligence of six area water treatment plants, Ontario’s Niagara Region has won first place in the best tasting tap water competition at the 2022 Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) Conference.

The taste test competition allowed the more than 1,000 attendees from across Ontario to sample drinking water from varying utilities across Ontario and cast their vote.

“It validates the tremendous work being done by Public Works staff at Niagara Region,” announced interim Public Works Commissioner Bruce Zvaniga, in a statement about the awards.

Also helping to make the win a reality were the efforts from 21 remote water storage facilities, seven dedicated chlorine facilities and water pumping stations, 11 wastewater treatment plants, one biosolids facility, five odour control stations, 113 pumping stations, and lastly, one high-rate treatment facility.

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Niagara’s water-wastewater division provides safe drinking water and treats wastewater for 11 municipalities across Niagara. The region has 161 kilometres of forcemain and 145 kilometres of gravity sewers.

Niagara Region is now competing at the American Water Works Association’s Best of the Best Taste Test in San Antonio, Texas, at the ACE Conference in mid-June.

Click here to view a water quality report for the Niagara Falls Water Treatment Plant.


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