City of Kitchener wins water award for four conservation projects


The Region of Waterloo has presented the City of Kitchener with a Water Efficiency Excellence Award for four water conservation projects undertaken from 2015 – 2018.

Kitchener partnered with the region’s Water Efficient Technology (WET) program on the projects that, when fully operational, will save enough water to supply 152 local households for one year.

The projects range from adjusting the sequencing and nozzles on a series of splash pads across the city following an audit, to optimizing a rainwater harvesting system at the city’s Operations Centre in order to wash municipal fleet vehicles.

“By embracing water-saving technology, the City of Kitchener is helping to conserve our water resources for future generations,” said Regional Chair Karen Redman. “As the largest municipality in Waterloo Region, the actions of the citizens of Kitchener make a significant impact on our shared water resources.”

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The other two projects recognized under the award include the installation of 32 water flow monitors at city facilities to detect leaks, as well as upgrading City Hall’s cooling tower to a model that conserves more water.

These projects reduced water use by 7,600 cubic metres per year, plus an estimated savings of 19,700 cubic metres per year on less measurable projects.

The Region’s WET Program provides resources and funding to help local organizations reduce water use. Water conservation helps provide safe, clean drinking water to Kitchener’s growing population without the need for expensive, new water infrastructure.

Click here to learn more about the region’s water efficiency programs.


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