Buffalo Pound WTP continues to go green with addition of solar panels 

solar panel project
The solar power will be consumed solely by the water treatment plant as it is generated. Photo Credit: Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Corporation

The Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant in Saskatchewan is finalizing its $4-million solar power project designed to generate 1,800 kW of AC power for the facility.   

The Buffalo Pound solar project, which began in summer 2022, uses hundreds of fixed panels that catch sunlight effectively throughout the year and are located on both sides of the approach road to the water treatment plant. The panels — four rows deep — will power the plant’s administration building and reduce the plant’s energy consumption by 10%, recouping the cost of the project within 15 years. 

“This project is the first of its kind for the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Corporation,” announced Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Corporation Chair, Patricia Warsaba. “This is a very exciting new initiative because it will play a role in helping the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant to reduce its carbon footprint,” Warsaba added.  

Local officials stated that the system does not include batteries and will not feed into the SaskPower grid. The solar power will be consumed solely by the water treatment plant as it is generated. SaskPower, however, was engaged to review and approve the project and confirm that the solar power generated through the project can be safely integrated into the facility’s power system.   

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“We wanted it to be a green building, so the intent was to at least produce enough power to cover that,” Buffalo Pound CEO, Ryan Johnson, told reporters at a panel unveiling ceremony.  

The Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant was built in 1955 and serves the cities of Regina, Moose Jaw, and other surrounding communities.  

The plant’s solar initiative supports the City of Regina’s Energy and Sustainability Framework, which works to reduce energy use where possible, and increase energy efficiency while transitioning to renewable energy sources.  

“By harnessing the power of the sun, we’re reducing our environmental impact and leading by example. This initiative reflects our unwavering resolve to make Regina and Moose Jaw shining examples of progress and responsibility,” announced Regina Mayor Sandra Masters.  

The project also aligns with the City of Moose Jaw’s Climate Action Plan, which is a long-term, action-driven plan providing both economic and environmental impacts that will showcase Moose Jaw as a municipal climate change leader. 

The solar project is expected to finalize all connections in the days to come.  

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