Saskatchewan’s $51M in water, wastewater funding will support 34 major projects

water tower replacement
The Town of Norquay has received funding to replace its existing water storage tank with an equivalent storage tank that is more cost efficient. Photo Credit: Mona Zubko/Town of Norquay

Major water and wastewater infrastructure funding totalling more than $51 million was announced in February for Saskatchewan to support 34 projects that range from the addition of reverse osmosis systems, to ultraviolet disinfection, and new sewage pumping stations. 

The federal and provincial governments are supporting infrastructure upgrades in 17 communities. 

Some of the most complex upgrades will take place in the Town of Redvers, which is set for a $6.1-million overhaul and process upgrade for its water treatment plant. The local council said it was “thrilled” with the news of its successful $4.5-million Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) grant, particularly after working on it at most council meetings since 2021. 

BCL Engineering will replace the water treatment plant’s current greensand filtration method with biofiltration and reverse osmosis, according to Redvers council; however, officials said they will run a pilot project in the spring to determine what kind of water treatment system will work best.  

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“Embarking on this project will ensure that Redvers is not only compliant with the Water Security Agency, but also providing the best water to our residents directly to their taps today and in the future. This is an upgrade that was long-awaited!” announced Redvers CAO Tricia Pickard. 

More than $5 million in funding will also go towards upgrading the water treatment plants in the Northern Village of Green Lake, and the Village of Kincade. In the nearby Town of Lemberg, more than $3 million in upgrades will resolve meeting minimum requirements for bacteriological, turbidity, and chemical parameters.   

In terms of wastewater, Saskatchewan will see nearly $3 million in upgrades for the Town of Alameda’s sewage lagoon. A new cell will be dug to increase the town’s capacity and support future growth.  

Nearly $5.5 million will also be invested in the Town of Vonda for a two-cell facultative lagoon that will span approximately 6.7 hectares. 

“The entire Town of Vonda council is very excited to announce the news of being awarded the ICIP grant for a new lagoon,” announced Vonda Administrator Linda Denis. “Currently, our lift station is nearing its life expectancy, and Vonda‘s existing two-cell lagoon is undersized to meet the current and future needs of the community.” 

Lagoon upgrades are also set for the Town of Watrous and the Town of Whitewood.  

In the Town of Cudworth, a new sewage pumping station will be constructed with wet well storage and pumps capable of meeting wastewater flows for 20 years. The project is expected to cost less than $2.5 million.  

The Town of Pense and the Village of Pierceland are also set for wastewater upgrades. In Pense, nearly $1 million will be spent to address ongoing issues with the condition and performance of the existing lift station pumps and process piping. In Pierceland, more than $1 million will be spent on sewer pumps and piping to be upgraded for maximum efficiency while creating less head pressure on the pumps. Pierceland crews will also upgrade  measurement instruments and install an automatic generator to keep up with demands on the lift station when power is out. 

Lastly, the Village of Plenty is set to install a new ultraviolet disinfection system, while the Village of Semans will install a reverse osmosis membrane filtration system. 

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