Gander awards $18.7M wastewater treatment plant contract


The Newfoundland Town of Gander has awarded an $18.7-million tender to Pomerleau Inc. for the construction of its new wastewater treatment plant.

According to a statement from town officials on July 19, the plant will have a simple wastewater treatment system consisting of a manufactured water body with artificial aeration to promote the biological oxidation of wastewater.

“This technology is best suited in areas where land is available and there are highly variable flows, typical to that found in Gander,” the statement reads.

The plant will have an aerated lagoon, and include preliminary, primary, and secondary levels of treatment as well as effluent disinfection to mitigate the effect of the effluent discharge on the receiving water. The facility design will consider residuals handling procedures in order to safely and effectively handle wastewater treatment residuals such as screenings, grit and sludge.

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Town Council has secured land to the south east of Whitman’s Pond for the placement of the new facility, leaving some land for future expansion of the facility as Gander continues to grow. The population has been projected to be 17,500 in 2040.

Gander’s existing wastewater treatment plant is operating at 95% capacity and doesn’t meet current Federal Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations.

“The provision of high quality wastewater treatment services that meet or exceed Federal standards is a critical function of Council, particularly in a growing community like Gander where our infrastructure must be able to keep pace with our growth,” announced Gander Mayor Percy Farwell.

“We are excited to finally be in a position to award the major contract for the design and build of our new facility after what has been a prolonged and, for many of us, frustrating process since initiating this project several years ago. Council is committed to working with our contractor and consultants to ensure timely completion of this major initiative,” added Farwell.

In fall 2017, Gander contracted CBCL Limited for $6.9 million to begin the design process for linear infrastructure, which is the piping component that would see wastewater rerouted from existing wastewater treatment plants at Beaver Brook and Magee Road to the new site. View CBCL’s environmental assessment registration document.

Pomerleau has indicated an estimated 18-month construction period for the facility.

Funding for the project was secured through the Build Canada Fund under the Provincial – Territorial Infrastructure component.


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