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Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant to install additional biosolids incinerators


Two high-temperature fluidized bed biosolids incinerators with steam and energy recovery systems will be installed at the Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant in Pickering, Ontario. The Thermylis incinerators are provided by SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions, who was awarded the contract by the Regional Municipality of York in June 2022.

The new systems will replace two aging biosolids incinerators and improve the plant’s overall energy efficiency and air quality emissions. Each Thermylis unit will provide 105 metric dry tons of incineration capacity per day.

The Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) is a wastewater treatment facility located on the shores of Lake Ontario with a rated capacity of 520,000 m3/day. It treats wastewater from 80% of the residents and businesses in the Regional Municipality of York and from all residents and businesses in the Town of Ajax and the City of Pickering in the Regional Municipality of Durham.

According to SUEZ, the use of biosolids incineration in large, heavily populated areas such as Greater Toronto ensures a low carbon footprint and best environmental practices for the disposal of biosolids. This process reduces trucking costs and impacts, landfill costs and impacts, and land application impacts by reducing the sludge volumes produced by the large wastewater treatment plants in the area by up to 99%.

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Previously in 2008, SUEZ supplied two new Thermylis technology incinerators at the Duffin Creek WPCP. SUEZ said that the operational success of that technology, which remains in operation today, was a driver in it being selected again to replace the plant’s next set of aging incinerators.

“We’re pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with the Regional Municipality of York by installing two additional Thermylis units in the Duffin Creek WPCP,” says Thomas Buer, senior vice president of technologies and systems at SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions. “The installation will mitigate the plant’s environmental footprint and improve overall operating efficiency of the facility. With this latest contract and our previous works, we are proud to demonstrate our ongoing leadership in biosolids incineration in North America.”

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