Water, energy and GHG projects among $36M under Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program

Ontario Centres of Excellence.

The Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program (AOIP), a cross-provincial collaboration between Ontario and Alberta, has announced 20 new projects valued at more than $36 million through the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE).

The projects, drawing on academic expertise to address challenges faced by industry, focus on areas such as water and energy conservation, environmental remediation, modular manufacturing and assembly, waste-to-energy conversion and agriculture.

“Innovation and collaboration are the key for building a productive, diversified and sustainable Canadian economy that can compete globally,” said Deron Bilous, Minister of Alberta Economic Development and Trade, in a statement to media about the new funding.

Seven of the 20 projects announced may be of interest to Environmental Science and Engineering readers. In terms of water, the University of Waterloo, Insituform Technologies Limited, the University of Alberta, and Alberta Innovates, will partner to study the advancement of water main renovation and design.

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For the research of new flexible pipe connections for high pressure systems, a partnership will form between the University of Toronto, Shawcor Ltd, the University of Alberta, and Alberta Innovates.

The dispersion of cellulose nanocrystals in aqueous media will be undertaken by the collaboration of the University of Waterloo, FP Innovations, the University of Alberta, and Alberta Innovates.

Finally, partners Shell Canada Ltd., the Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology, KmX Corporation, and Alberta Innovates will explore the hyper desalination of brine water.

Another notable project through the AOIP includes a waste-to-energy research project by the University of Waterloo, Lockheed Martin Canada Inc., InnoTech Alberta, and Alberta Innovates.

Trent University, Suncor Energy Inc., Carbonix Inc., and Alberta Innovates will be exploring oil sands reclamation through their partnership.

The University of Toronto, Sinclair Interplanetary, GHGSat Inc., and Emissions Reduction Alberta, will undertake research into satellite-aircraft hybrid detection and the quantification of methane emissions.

Another research project, into compressed air energy storage in Ontario and Alberta salt caverns, will be undertaken by the University of Waterloo, NRStor Incorporated, Hydro One Networks Inc., Ontario Power Generation Inc., Union Gas Limited, Rocky Mountain Power, Compass Minerals, the University of Alberta, and Alberta Innovates.

The 20 projects announced are funded by OCE with additional funding on select projects by Alberta Innovates, Emissions Reduction Alberta, and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

“We are proud to partner on the Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program, providing companies with fast and local access to targeted brain trust, equipment and talent recruitment that will help drive innovation and deliver tangible benefits to Canadians,” announced Dr. Marc Fortin, Vice-President of Research Partnerships for the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

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