Tatham Engineering to acquire Ontario-based Runge Engineering


Tatham Engineering (Tatham), a multi-disciplinary civil engineering consulting firm, announced on June 10, 2021 that it will be acquiring the shares of Collingwood, Ontario-based firm Runge Engineering (Runge) on July 1, 2021.

Runge’s focus on electrical and mechanical engineering will be an asset says Tatham, which currently specializes in land development, municipal infrastructure renewal, structural, bridges, transportation, water resources, coastal and water and wastewater engineering.

“This union will strengthen our capabilities and competitiveness across all areas of our business,” said Tatham’s President, Dan Hurley. “We have worked with Runge on many significant projects over the years and have established a collaborative relationship built on respect and trust. Our collective core values, which focus on the wellness of our staff, communities and clients, confirmed this is a perfect fit for Tatham and will strengthen our foundation for future growth.”

Runge’s team of 16 staff will become part of Tatham on July 1, however they will continue to operate under the Runge Engineering name for the immediate future to ensure a seamless transition.

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“We are pleased with the opportunity to join Tatham, a company known for its expertise and integrity,” said Runge’s President, Gerhard Runge. “We share similar values such as honesty, trust and commitment, and this merger will further enhance the service to our valued clients, and especially the growth and development of our staff and communities.”

With civil, mechanical and electrical services operating together as one, Tatham said it will be better positioned to take on larger, more complex projects that require a diverse range of expertise.

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