Saskatchewan’s Warman completes $21M sewage lagoon expansion

Warman officials celebrate the opening of their expanded sewage lagoon system. Photo Credit: City of Warman

The Saskatchewan City of Warman has completed its $21-million sewage treatment lagoon expansion and improvements project.

Warman officials secured funding for the wastewater project in 2019 before they began a three-stage construction process in late 2020. 

The lagoon improvements will provide Warman with capacity to grow from its current population of about 11,000 to a population of approximately 26,000. There is also the option to add additional submerged attached growth reactor (SAGR) cells in the future to increase that capacity to 40,000.   

Recent upgrades increased the depth of the existing primary and secondary lagoon cells.

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“This is a great day for Warman – our community has grown considerably the past two decades – from town, to now the fastest-growing city in Saskatchewan,” announced Warman Mayor Gary Philipchuk at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the wastewater project.

The first phase of the wastewater project included sludge removal, earthworks with clay liner repair, and sewage forcemain adjustments. 

Phase two of the upgrades consisted of an aeration system for the lagoon in partial mix cells 1, 2 and 3. Crews added four SAGR cells and a blower building, as well as a new lagoon berm. They also graded the site and performed pipe connection work. 

The final phase of the construction involved a 1,200-millimetre diameter discharge pipeline spanning 5.5 kilometres in length. The pipeline runs from Warman to the South Saskatchewan River, crossing Highway 11 in the process. An inlet at the west end and outlet at the east end were also constructed. 

In a statement on social media, Warman officials noted that the lagoon expansion should help to minimize odour complaints and improve effluent quality to continue meeting federal standards. 

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