New Asahi/America Type-57P CPVC Butterfly Valve sizes now available


Asahi/America, Inc. announces the recent addition to its Type-57P butterfly valve line to include 10” and 12” sizes in a CPVC body and disc model.

The Type-57P CPVC butterfly valve is now available in ANSI wafer style connection or with 316 stainless steel lug inserts in 10” and 12” sizes. Both options are offered with a Plasgear™ operator only. Additionally, the Type-57P CPVC can be actuated both electrically and pneumatically, and various manual accessories can be installed.

Asahi/America says the Type-57P CPVC butterfly valve in 10” and 12” sizes are in stock and ready for order at the company’s Lawrence, Massachusetts warehouse.

According to Asahi/America, the Type-57P CPVC 10” and 12” size butterfly valves are best suited for chemical processing applications, in facilities such as datacenters, where large diameter CPVC body and disc butterfly valves are needed due to elevated water temperatures.

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All Asahi/America thermoplastic valves come with an industry-leading, three-year warranty. 

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